What’s happening: September in Brussels

This is going to be one crazy busy month in September… especially when considering all the food and drinks events that are planned!!!

6-8th September = Belgian Beer Weekend


This will be my 5th year attending the Belgian Beer Weekend … and every year has been more fun than the next (read about last years here)!! Starting at 6pm on Friday 6th September and essentially ending at 7.45pm on Sunday 8th September – this festival showcases over 400 beers from Belgian Brewers… in one of the most famous spots in Brussels – the Grand Place!

The concept is pretty simple – you queue at one of the kiosks to buy bottlecaps (which is the $$$ for buying beer) – plus a yellow token which is for the glass deposit (I suggest buying 2 tokens as often you will be drinking one beer and someone in the group will head off to get the next round of beers – but until you have returned the glass to the stand that you bought beer from – you will not receive your token back – and you need to provide each stand with a token as well as the number of bottlecaps required for a beer!)

More details on their website regarding map, beers and timings

M, HIM and I will be attending on Saturday …. so see you there?

13-15th September = EAT! Brussels


Another amazing event that I attended last year with fellow bloggers, Jess from JessInBelgium and Joan from BestofBrussels – you can read more here about our 2012 visit.

This concept revolves around the idea of being able to taste-test your way across 25 different restaurants in the beautiful Bois de la Cambre forest (with a view of Chalet Robinson) – with these *pop-up* resto’s covering 8 regions and 5 continents promise to delight the tastebuds of everyone from the ages of 7 to 77!

As with festival code – you need to purchase tokens! These can be done online (which will save you money) or at the entrance on the day (and packages range from an Aperol pass of 20€ (20 tokens and 1 aperol spritz cocktail) to a Gold pass of 80/90€ (60 tokens, 1 aperol spritz cocktail, 2 glasses Laurent-Perrier, 2 coffees, 1L water, 2 glasses of wine, 2 beers, 1 icecream which has a value of 120€)… so there is something for everyone’s financial pocket! (remember that 1token = 1euro and that each stand will have dishes starting from 6€ upwards)

For more details – head on over to the Visit Brussels website

11-21 September = Eat Color


What do you get when you throw together interior architects and foodbloggers?? A *pop-up* restaurant with style!!!

Hosted at Hotel Bloom (yes – the hotel where HIM and I spent a wonderful staycation evening!) – 4 colours are represented by 4 menu’s across selected dates:

  • GREEN: Wednesday 11th September with Nicolas Darnauguilhem— Neptune
  • ORANGE: Sunday 15th & Monday 16th September with Bénédicte & Damien Bouchery — Bouchéry
  • WHITE: Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th September with Nicolas Scheidt — La Buvette
  • RED: Friday 20th & Saturday 21st September with Laurent et Vincent Folmer — Couvert Couvert *

For 95€ per person – you get to enjoy Mise en bouche with Proseco, five courses menu with wine pairing by Titulus, water, coffee and tea…. which I think is not a bad deal (not cheap – but an experience within itself!)

For more details – check out their website

MR Drapper and I will be attending the ORANGE menu ….

and last but not least….

22nd September 2013 = Eat Scones for Charity


With the help of Bookalokal – the goal to raise money for Buttles UK Great Bake Challenge by either baking or eating Great Bakes is coming to reality!

The first event for them was CHOCOLATE in August and 208€ was raised – thanks to 8 bakers and 10 taste-judges… (read more here) and October will see the theme of BIRTHDAY CAKE… but for September… it will be SCONES & JAM!!

Sunday 22nd September will see bakers showcasing their sweet (or savoury) scones with home-made jam – while judges get to taste test their way around the table and vote on their favourites!

Consider yourself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to food? The next John or Gregg? Being able to distinguish if the crumble is just right or the jam is jammy-enough? Then sign up with Bookalokal here for only 16.50€ to be one of the taste-test judges! (As simple as that!)

if however, you think that YOUR (or your grandma’s Scone Recipe is the schizz) – then drop an email to maxcie30 (at) gmail (dot) com for a registration form.

What do you think? enough going on in September in Brussels??? That should keep my tummy happy 🙂


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