Chocolate for Charity: Buttles Challenge in Brussels

Raising money for charity by either baking a chocolate cake or eating it…. what could be easier than that???

Buttles UK was proposing a Great Bake Challenge – in order to mark their 60th anniversary and to raise a few some funds (you can see my call to action post here) – but with the help of Bookalokal – we managed to set up some challenge dates in Brussels…

Our July challenge was unfortunately cancelled due to last-minute cancellations and the fact that July generally means *mass exodus* in Brussels with everyone (and I do mean everyone) disappearing back to their home towns/countries/continents…. but never fear… the August challenge was bigger than expected!

With 8 amazing bakers… our table was heaving with chocolate cakes….

Just looking at the table gives me a sugar rush!!!

Just looking at the table gives me a sugar rush!!!

katie from 365 things I learned in my Kitchen brought a Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte:

salted caramel chocolate torte

While Saskia brought along her Beetroot Chocolate cake with apricot & mascarpone icing:

Saskias beetroot chocolate cake

Sarah’s offering was her take on a Sachertorte:

Sarahs chocolate torte

Sylvia from Going to Brussels created a batch of Guinness Stout & Chocolate cupcakes

Sylvias guinness and chocolate cupcakes

Caroline D  from Avocado van de Duivel created the Chocolate Cloud Cake:

Caroline D chocolate cloud cake

I made a Double Chocolate Cheesecake (recipe to follow this week)

maxines double chocolate cheesecake

and coming in second place is 2012 Masterchef UK contestant Emma from Cooking with Emma Russell with her Chocolate Mud Cake (her recipe can be found here)

Emma s chocolate mud cake

and the winning cake was created by my fellow bookalokal host, Arianna from Un altro Colore with her Italian inspired 7 layered Selteveli Cake: (details and photo’s of how she made this wonder can be found here)

Arianna Selteveli

Along with these 8 bakers were also 10 judges… who had signed up via Bookalokal for the honor of consuming as much cake as they could (and of course voting for their favourite)

Through all of this – we raised 208Euros!!!! BIG thanks to all for the support and looking forward to our next event!

The next Buttles Bake Challenge in Brussels will be held on Sunday 22nd September (2-6pm)!! So if you are interested in becoming a baker – please email me at maxcie30 (at) gmail (dot) com for more details… or if you consider yourself to be a taste-test judge extraordinaire… then sign up here

our donations teapot....

our donations teapot….


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