Tram Experience 2013

FINALLY…. I had been dying to get tickets for the Tram Experience for most of 2012 when the concept was developed and was part of the *VISIT BRUSSELS* Brusselicious 2012 concept.

But it was probably easier to wake up looking like a supermodel, then to actually be able to book tickets online for this glorious experience… well in 2012 anyway.

So when I heard that they were extending the travelling restaurant concept into 2013 and that tickets would become available in April… I waited… patiently (ok… not so patiently… but pretty much checking the website almost daily….)

AND then… lo and behold, on the day that ticket sales opened – I was fortunate enough to swoop up a table of 4!

“What is the Tram experience?” you ask…

Imagine a fully working Tram (public transport mode of travel) kitted out as a restaurant! Travelling along the same tram tracks as regular trams – but this time, not stopping at the regular stops… and during the 2hr journey – being served Champagne (yes – the real stuff), 4 courses (especially if you consider the amuse bouche) cooked by Michelin starred chefs and lots (yes lots) of wine!

*the* Tram

*the* Tram

The difference to 2012 – is that the desserts are now provided by well-known chocolatiers and pastry chefs… instead of the Michelin starred chefs… which was great for us… because I had missed Pierre Marcolini at the Culinaria  (as he wasn’t at the opening night)… and I am a BIG fan of his chocolates!

So what did we eat???

(remember that the menu changes every month – so make sure you check out their website for more details)

As we boarded the train… in a glow of blue light (so please be aware that all pictures will have a blue tinge to them due to the lighting)… we were served a glass of Pommery Champagne and the Amuse Bouche was created by Gaëtan Colin from Jaloa: Capuccino of shellfish with yuzu and a dash of smoked bacon, Tartare of fera fish & oysters (on the left) espuma of passion fruit and crusty bread (top right hand corner – the bread was served like a cakepop… on a stick!) served with seaweed butter. The shellfish bisque was to DIE for… absolutely amazing… while the tartare really only worked when you mixed it with the passionfruit coulé. (in my opinion)

tram experience amuse tram experience amuse 2

Followed by the Starter also by Gaëtan Colin from Jaloa of Large freshwater shrimp, mayonnaise of foie gras, cream of artichokes and citrus oil. This was something that I still dream about! Essentially a gigantic prawn springroll… with an individual pipette of sauce that you could inject into the dish anywhere you wished! (For me – the Foie gras really didn’t work with this dish… and I am a BIG foie gras fan!)

tram experience starter tram experience starter 2

The Main Course focused on Rabbit – which is a dish that I had never eaten before – coming from Stefan Jacobs from Vadouxvent => Saddle of rabbit with confit of legs, and a white asparagus served with lard featureing brewers spices. The saddle of rabbit (pictures bottom right) was ok – but the real showstopper was the rabbit thigh meat featured in the rop right hand corner with 2 pieces of asparagus ontop… DELICIOUS. And I know that everyone is blinking and going ‘Lard?”… but the black square in the centre of the plate is lard coloured with squid ink and was amazingly more-ish.

tram experience main tram experience main 2

And the Dessert (as already mentioned) was created by Pierre Marcolini and revolved around Chocolate (surprise surprise) = Chocolate Primitif. it was everything it was supposed to be… Chocolate, chocoalte and more chocolate.

tram experience dessert

Our wine glasses were never empty… and the dessert was also served alongside a wooden box full of chocolate treats…. (although I could have *killed* for a cup of coffee…)

tram experience choc

Would I go again? YES!! all of this for 89€ per person…. full dinner, drinks and a bit of an experience… definitely a once in a lifetime experience that you HAVE to do!

Tram Experience



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