Brussels – Buttles Great Bake Challenge

Friends, Romans (bakers), countrymen (eaters)… lend me your spatula’s!

Imagine not being able to send your child to school because you couldn’t afford school fee’s… or worse still, imagine sending them to school with an empty stomach and hole in their heart!

This is YOUR opportunity to give back… either by baking a cake or eating it (or in some cases both!)

I will be hosting a  Buttles Great Bake Challenge in Brussels which runs from July to September 2013 – with the opportunity for Bakers to showcase their baking skills through the monthly themes… and the opportunity for cake lovers to taste & judge which are their favourites!


Month Date Time Theme
July Sunday 21st July 2013 14h00-18h00 Strawberries & Cream
August Sunday 25th August 2013 14h00-18h00 Chocolate
September Sunday 22nd September 2013 14h00-18h00 Scones & Jam
October Friday 4th   October 2013 19h00-22h00 Birthday Cake (special event that will be served with bubbles and wine)

If you are BAKER – then please drop me an email at in order to receive an application form.

Remember: you only need to submit:

  •  one bake per baking challenge day that you sign up for (minimum of 12pieces)
  • along with the recipe
  • and 5(for tasting others cakes… )

If you want to be an EATER/JUDGE – then please use the Bookalokal website to sign up (cost is only 15, except for the October event which will be 20) – bookings will open from Tuesday 25th June 2013.

We will only accept 6bakers and 18Judges per Challenge – so sign up quickly!!!

Buttles is a UK charity that provides essential items to children and young people whose health, safety and well-being are at risk. They provide grants to children and young people living in poverty. Through the small grants programme, they are able to provide essential financial assistance to the most vulnerable in our society. These grants are usually awarded for basic items, such as a cooker to enable a family to enjoy a hot meal, or a bed to ensure a child can benefit from a good nights sleep.

They transform the lives of vulnerable children (aged 11 and over) by funding places at schools with safe and supportive environments. They award financial support to young people (aged 16-20) with severe social problems to help continue their further education and training. They offer flexible funding for hard to reach young people (aged 18-25) to support their return to employment, education or training.

Established in 1953 by the Reverend Frank Buttle, they have successfully continued the legacy of this remarkable philanthropist and will be celebrating their 60th anniversary this year.

Making a difference to the lives of over 20,000 people each year is something to be proud of.

11 thoughts on “Brussels – Buttles Great Bake Challenge

  1. Loving this! Not only are you a talented creature with your baking and blogging, but you are kind and caring as well. I am not a baker, but I am most definitely an eater, so I imagine I will attending all of the sessions!

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