La Meilleure Jeunesse restaurant

Nothing says Saturday night – like going out to dinner somewhere nice…


If Friday night is our *date night* (him and mine, that is), then Saturday nights tend to be dinner out with friends.

So when our friend Sas asked if we would be interested in going to a restaurant called La Meilleure Jeunesse (and sent me the link to their website) – we were sold!

We were the first customers to arrive at 7.30pm… (and to be honest – I hadn’t even seen the sign on the window…. and would have very easily have walked straight by) – the decor reminds me of a Boudoir in Paris… old plush velvet couches and settee’s in the front area near the bar with walls covered with eclectic photo’s and pictures.

la meilleure jeunesse entry

From here – you move into the indoor dining room – white linen table clothes, long single candles in silver candle stick holders… and silverware on the table (my only negative comment here is that in a restaurant like this – I would have really expected linen napkins instead of the paper version).

We managed to get a table which was right at the end of the indoor dining area – at the doors that led out onto a terrace type outdoor eatery… covered with a perspex type roof and perfect for summer dining!!! (Next time – if the weather is good – I want to eat out there!!)

la meilleure jeunesse table

While viewing the menu… we opted for an aperitif… HIM went traditional and ordered a glass of Champagne (9.00€), while Mr Draper and I both ordered a Mojito royal 9.50€ (essentially a mojito made with champagne instead of rum!!) DELICIOUS

la meilleure jeunesse mojito royal

and Sas ordered a Gin Cucumber 9.00€ (which looked as good as it tasted and super refreshing!)

la meilleure jeunesse gin cucumber

For starters – Sas went for the Tartare de Dorade à la Japonaise (Tartare of Dorade fish done in Japanese style… with a little bit of smoke for effect: 12.50€)… for one thing – I can tell you that this dish was very popular as I saw multiple plates being delivered to tables throughout the evening… and of course the whole glass full of smoke is great for entertainment!

glass with smoke....

glass with smoke….

without the glass

without the glass

Mr Draper opted for a mini-entrée of Croquette de Crevettes Grises de la Mer du Nord (Crocquette of cheese and shrimps – 6.50€)… The mini-entrée’s are the same as the starter entrée’s – but just in smaller portion sizes.

la meilleure jeunesse mini entree

HIM and I shared 2 starters… the first was the Scampis en Tempura (tempura prawns on a bed of sweet/sour beansprouts – 10.50€) – really and truly a delight to eat.

la meilleure jeunesse tempura prawns

and our second choice (basically my favourite starter in the whole wide world) was the Foie Gras Maison en Terrine (Foie Gras house pate served with apple chutney – 14.50€). I used the table breadrolls to enjoy this to the ultimate level of gluttony… SO SO SO yummy!



Once the entrées were done… we had to wait a good 40-odd minutes for the next course… One could complain – but this really gave us a good chance to sit back, start on the wine and catch up (until my stomach started to rumble)…

Sas was eating on the light side and decided to have a starter/entrée as her main – Carpaccio de Boeuf (Beef Carpaccio served with parmesan shavings and mushrooms 12€)

la meilleure jeunesse carpaccio

Mr Draper ordered the Pain de Veau “a la Tartufata” (Veal meatloaf with a Truffle sauce – served with a pot of delicious potato mash – 21€)

la meilleure jeunesse meatloaf

HIM got the Magret de Canard (duck with apple chutney and chevre goats cheese – 19€)

la meilleure jeunesse duck

and I … I got the best dish that they could possibly have served me – Filet d’Agneau en Croûte d’Herbes (herb crusted filet of lamb served with a courgette cannelloni filled with chevre goats cheese – 24.50€) – worth every cent (and more) and will definitely be a repeat order from me.

la meilleure jeunesse lamb fillet

A lovely (but not cheap) evening – and something I would DEFINITELY go back to. This is the restaurant that you take a date or your in-laws to, in order to impress. A business lunch/dinner venue with class… and of course a *special occasion* venue.

even their business cards are cool - they have used old photo's... and stamped the back! (photo credit: their website)

even their business cards are cool – they have used old photo’s… and stamped the back! (photo credit: their website)

La Meilleure Jeunesse

address: 58 Rue de L’Aurore, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 640 2394


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