NEW restaurant in Ixelles : Riccio Capriccio

YES people… a new restaurant (like we don’t have enough already… particularly in the Ixelles area… and not only that – but around the corner from Chatelain).

I hear you sigh… but don’t… wait… read what I have to say and then go and check them out!

HIM’s friends (and previous colleagues) have taken over the La Piola Pesce (not to be confused with the original La Piola restaurant just off the Chatelain square on Rue de Page!!) – Vito (extensive front of house skills) and Michele (Italian chef) are now offering you a delicious Italian relaxed (mainly seafood) offering in a conveniently located restaurant… Riccio Capriccio

riccio sign

that even has a little garden at the back!!!

riccio outdoors

HIM, Mr Draper and I just had to go and check it out (and offer our support)… and were lucky enough to get one of the aforementioned tables in the back garden…. directly under an umbrella …

while sipping our prosecco  (as you do :)) – we glanced at the stand up menu board (no paper wastage here)… while HIM did a bit of a translation for us (the menu was in Italian)….

riccio menu board

Essentially the concept works around 2 favourites – seafood and/or pasta! Both with exceptional quality ingredients…. and of course – the name – Riccio Capriccio which means *sea urchin* will also play a part in the menu!

We started off with a mixed plate of meat/Charcuterie (serves 2 people for 22€, but in reality was more than enough for the 3 of us) – and served with a basket of fresh bread. (I have to tell you that the slices of bread on top of the platter with a red paste…. it is a chilli paste and is DELICIOUS… especially topped with a lovely slice of meat… Mmmm). There were also artichoke pieces, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes in the centre mix.

riccio meat platter

next off – Mr Draper and I both went for the seafood plate (tuna, swordfish, pilchard, prawns and octopus for 24€) – which was delicious… especially the prawns… my only comment would have been that a little bit of starch would have been an added benefit (not required… but a nice to have :))

riccio fish platter

HIM ordered a aubergine pasta (13€) and I stole a piece which I can confirm was delicious!

riccio pasta

would we go back? Most definitely… and not only to support friends – but because the food was tasty (and very reasonably priced), the back garden was relaxed and sheltered and of course, it is close to home!

Riccio Capriccio

address: Rue Americaine 90, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 852 3969

website – in the making


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