Cookie and Cupcake decorating course at La Cucina Delle Zie

My amazing friend, M, gave me a gift that keeps on giving for my birthday… a course on how to do cookie and cupcake decorating!

Now – we all know that I love to be in the kitchen… and we all know that I love to bake…but the one thing that has never really been my *thing* is making it look pretty…. until now!

So last friday night – I skipped out of the office at 4pm (as the course was from 4.30-8.30pm)…. promising my colleagues treats and tweets from the process… and arrived at La Cucina Delle Zie eager to see what I could learn and what was being offered.

la cucina delle zie logo

Firstly – the decor of the store/teaching room/kitchen was in 1950’s style… which I loved! The formica table and chairs, the pastel coloured kitchen cupboards and multiple ice-cream coloured KitchenAid tools on counters and cabinets. Secondly – to my delight, I noticed trays piled high with baked cookies (aka biscuits) and cupcakes… all ready to be iced and pimped.

La cucina Delle zie 1

la cucina delle zie cookies

There were 6 of us gathered around the table – eager to learn about buttercream, royal icing, fondant and sugarpaste….(thankfully all explanations were given in English – but French and Italian explanations were given when needed)

la cucina delle zie royal icing la cucina delle zie royal icing 2

Once the royal icing was mixing away in order to achieve the perfect soft peak (normally needs about 15minutes in a KitchenAid mixer and remember to add a few drops of fresh lemon juice for both the disinfectant and taste reasons), we learned how to make a batch of buttercream icing.

la cucina delle zie making butter icing

With Multiple mixers doing their job – we started on the sugarpaste and how to add our own colour…

la cucina delle zie teal fondant

The same concept was then applied to the royal icing (using a toothpick dipped in the appropriate colour, swirl together), then place into piping bag (made out of greaseproof paper and a piping nossle)

la cucina delle zie colouring royal icing

la cucina delle zie royal icing piping bag

The interactive and fun started when we realised that we could only pick one colour and would then be able to share our icings with each (i.e. don’t f*** it up for someone else… kay?) 🙂

Cookies (biscuits) were first…. outline a few with your royal icing piping bag… not as easy as it might seem.

la cucina delle zie plain cookies la cucina delle zie cookies outline

then roll out your coloured sugarpaste/fondant and use the same shape cookie cutters to cut out reflective shapes (using jam to stick to it to your baked cookie)

la cucina delle zie cookies 2

AND then the REAL fun begins… start sharing… and decorating…

la cucina delle zie cookies 3


A glass of wine break was required – and time to admire our handy-work.

la cucina delle zie cookies tray

Now back to the cupcake decorating (at this point – I had a pile of cookies decorated and starting to feel the effects of the wine weeks work…so the number of pictures are somewhat limited)… we did however learn to pipe the buttercream icing onto cupcakes… as well as use the fondant as a decorating tool as well.

la cucina delle zie cupcakes 2 la cucina delle zie cupcakes 1

all in all – a very productive way to spend a friday afternoon/evening (especially since you get to take home your creations)… and I am looking forward to signing up for one of their other workshops (pizza making or apero/cocktails)!!

Ps – not supposed to know as it was a birthday gift – but cookie/cupcake decorating course is 45€

La Cucina Delle Zie 

address: rue de l’arbre-bénit 26, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 489 18 79 16

email address: (still work in progress) but everything can be found on their Facebook page:


6 thoughts on “Cookie and Cupcake decorating course at La Cucina Delle Zie

  1. What a fabulous gift! So practical and right up my alley. The cookies look adorable. I am so sorry to disappoint you for the Indaba this year. I do so hope that you will make it back to CT for 2014. Looking forward xx

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