Lisbon, Portugal – KOKO restaurant

Our last night in Portugal was actually in the thriving metropolis of Lisbon…

a place that I very much wanted to explore – but due to time constraints – we essentially only had enough time to return our rental car to the airport, grab dinner and collapse into bed before another *stupid-o’clock* wake up call…

This meant that we decided to enjoy our last night in Portugal and more importantly, our last dinner, at the restaurant directly opposite from our hotel, the Olissippo Oriente (which I might just add was very comfortable, clean and thanks to my BA Avios Miles – very inexpensive!)

So after a very *interesting* drive to the airport (which took a little longer than anticpated…) we meandered across to Koko – and being the first guests there – were literally surrounded by staff for the first 30minutes.

As much as I love attentive waitrons – it can be a bit overwhelming to have 3 people standing and staring at you while they hand over menu’s and wait for your answer on what you want to eat and drink. (No amount of eye-contact avoiding made them leave us alone until we finally placed our order :))

koko place setting

having said this – being overly looked after was not that bad – plus the decor was super stylish…

koko interior

HIM is not a fan of sushi – in fact, the concept of raw fish completely throws him off (in the same way that eating pigs ears, trotters and nose does to me!) – so, he started with a bowl of miso soup

koko miso soup

and then ordered the waitron’s suggestion, teppanyaki chicken served with vegetables:

koko teppanyaki chicken

I am a huge fan of sushi – but feeling somewhat boring – opted for california rolls with avo & prawns – plus a portion of california rolls with Salmon and Strawberries (the latter were probably the most phenomenal taste combination!! a DEFINITE winner)

the orange covered california rolls had the salmon and strawberry - YUM

the orange covered california rolls had the salmon and strawberry – YUM

this was followed by a portion of deep fried Salmon sushi… DELISH!!! (Even HIM had one of them… but his comment was that he was willing to try it – because it was cooked (and that it didn’t look like sushi :))

koko fried sushi koko fried sushi 1

To end our meal – we opted for a fruit dessert – half of a melon!! What a brilliant idea….

koko melon

would I go back again? The thoughts of kidnapping the sushi chef and keeping him in my apartment to make me more Salmon & Strawberry combinations did cross my mind (more than once!) – so I can say that their sushi was fresh, tasty and oh so delicious – plus HIM raved about the chicken… so I would definitely recommend it for their food!

KOKO Restaurant and Sushi

address: Avenida Dom João II 1.13.02, fracção SR2 – Expo, 1990-078 Lisboa Expo, PORTUGAL



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