Portugal: dinner at Casa dos torricados

Second night in Portugal and our second restaurant outing… saw us heading to a place called Casa dos Torricados

Wikipedia tells us that Torricado is a typical dish from the region of Ribatejo (Portugal), traditionally associated with the field work, especially the fishermen of the Tagus, and fences to farm workers zone district. Similar to Bruschetta , is a practical way of cooking bread, roasting it and smearing it in olive oil and garlic. Usually as an accompaniment to grilled cod, although it is also widely used as monitoring of sardines and meat.

So essentially – this restaurant is famous for their large pieces of toasted bread topped with something special… and boy – where they special!!!

I was sceptical at the beginning – nibbling on the snacks that seem to adorn every restaurant table in Portugal! Bread, olives, pickled pigs ears, cheese and meat plate (includes strips of salted fat), tuna with black-eyed peas, cod with corn and a type of fish pate in oil… somethings were tasty and others were not really working with my taste buds.

casa dos torricados aperos

We were 9 adults and 1 child – so the decision was made to order 4 different Torricado’s (Ham/cheese, pork, prawns with mushrooms, bacalhau (cod))

prawns, chilli, garlic and mushrooms

prawns, chilli, garlic and mushrooms

the prawn, garlic and mushroom's on toast up close

the prawn, garlic and mushroom’s on toast up close

ham & cheese... with slices of bacon fat

ham & cheese… with slices of bacon fat

topped with bacalhau (cod)

topped with bacalhau (cod)

HIM ordered me a steak as he was also sceptical on whether I would enjoy the food that was brought out….

casa dos torricados steak

I have to say that the steak was not a pleasant experience… it was bloody (and I enjoy a pink steak) and as tough as a boot! The prawn, chilli and mushroom torricado on the other hand was one of the best tasting things of my life!!!!!!!!!!

Would I go back? For the prawn Torricado – definitely… for steak – nope. (and because of a special agreement between one of our guests and the owner – we only paid 10Euros each… and that included dessert, coffee, 2bottles of wine, juice water and the main dishes pictured above!!) – so YES… Portugal is the place to eat!! Particularly out in the country!

Casa dos Torricados

address: R Capitáo Simoes da Costa #7, 2005-099, Santarém Azoia de Baixo, PORTUGAL

telephone: +351 911 989 743

email: casadostorricados@hotmail.com


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