Portugal – Santarem – Taberna do Quinzena

HIM and I headed across to Portugal for an extended long weekend (extended because only the Monday was a holiday, but we flew out on the Friday and back on the Tuesday – so we maximised our time :))

HIM is from a small village called Santos, next to the town of Santarem – about 70km away from Lisbon….

I am not sure if Santos (otherwise known as *Saints*) has a restaurant – but my first restaurant experience was eating out at a local Portuguese (what I would call traditional) restaurant – near the bull fighting ring called Taberna do Quinzena

quinzena sign

This proximity to bull fighting means that the entire interior is packed with bull fighting posters, memorabilia and fake bull heads (yes – you read it right – fake bull heads!) and they claim on their website to have been around for 137years… which sounds feasible!!

quinzena interior

quinzena plate

We were meeting up with one of HIM’s friends – and within minutes of arriving – we were seated (in what can be termed as *cozy* or if you are somewhat claustrophobic (cramped)) and the waitron was giving us details about the days specials… this was all absorbed while we nibbled on the complimentary cheese, olives and bread.

quinzena aperos

HIM’s ordered slices of pork which had been fried,

quinzena pork pieces

while I opted for the black pig espetada (Portuguese skewer of meat)- served with both chips and rice… hello! Double carbs?? It wasn’t just for me – all plates got them đŸ™‚

quinzena espetada

But the really cool thing about the place (and I am told that it is a relatively common practise in Portugal) is that when we asked for the bill – they brought over a bucket filled with 4 bottles of home-made liquers and some shot glasses… a completed *help yourself* attitude and nobody checks if you have more than one!!

quinzena drinks

would I go back? Hell yes… what a meat treat it was!

Taberna Do Quizena

address: Rue Pedro de Santarém 93-95, 2000-223, Santarém, PORTUGAL

telephone: +351 243 322 804



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