Maru – Korean Kitchen

Only having been open for 6months – and already it is a very busy spot! It is so popular in fact – that you HAVE to have a reservation!!

We had tried to be *walk in’s* the previous week – but no reservation = no chance… so we had meandered on to Chez Max… and vowed to make a reservation to go back to Maru – Korean Kitchen

So here we were – Sarah, M, Mr Draper and myself… wadding through rain and the imminent thunderstorm that was threatening brussels on a Wednesday evening (the night before Ascension Thursday and day off for some of us)…

maru setting

The decor of the restaurant is minimalist – wooden tables with just the basics (wooden spoon and wooden chopsticks)…. and the staff (bless them) speak English 🙂

maru interior

We were the first to arrive at the restaurant at 7pm – but within half an hour – every table and chair was fully occupied (once, again – it just goes to show how popular they are) and also, within a few minutes of our drinks showing up at the table…the skies opened up and the thunderstorm made its feelings known (all for about 10minutes or so).

I would like to point out that there is NO *s* in front of hte name of my beer - it really is called HITE (Korean)

I would like to point out that there is NO *s* in front of hte name of my beer – it really is called HITE (Korean)

We *needed* some nibbles before our mains arrived and we opted to share a portion of fried dumplings and steamed dumplings – DELICOUS

maru dumplings

The real *showstopped* was the BBQ beef & the BBQ vegetables that were done at the table for us (you can also opt to have it cooked in the kitchen if you prefer)…. but we wanted the full experience and this was a real show & delight…

he starts by added the onion and veggies to the BBQ plate

he starts by added the onion and veggies to the BBQ plate

then the meat is added

then the meat is added

dig in!

dig in!

I have to confess that my camera battery died after my first 2 pictures… so I had to rely on my friendly friend to use her iPhone to take a few food shots so that we could provide *more* to share.

tasty - very tasty....

tasty – very tasty….

Would I go back? Probably – it is a fun place, the food has a bit of a spicy kick to it and the staff are friendly!


address: 510 Chaussee de Waterloo, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 346 1111 (under construction)

Closed on Mondays


2 thoughts on “Maru – Korean Kitchen

  1. Reblogged this on Mayonnaise and Chips and commented:
    This piece is pretty much spot-on – Maru is a great spot, a refreshing addition to the area and the Brussels Asian restaurant directory.

    Both times I have been we have started with the steamed and fried dumplings, which are indeed amazing. Just looking at the photo has me salivating and wishing I could go there straight away for lunch!

    On the first visit I had barbecue, but prepared in the kitchen as we were pressed for time – it was good but I think it’s better if done yourself at the table. Second time around I had the Bibimbap (rice, vegetables, beef tartare and egg with a very spicy sauce, served in a smoking hot pot which cooks as you eat), which is also very good, especially when accompanied by a good helping of kimchi. Next time I will try the barbecue at the table!

    They also have a good wine selection – I recommend the Lam Pinotage as an accompaniment to the spicy, flavoursome Korean food.

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