Dinner at Chez Max

this is the name of the restaurant… really… I am not trying to make a joke about my own name and my cooking/entertaining abilities … promise!

Chez Max is on Chaussée de Waterloo, just a short walk from our current living space and a spot that I have been eager to try out (even if the name was the primary reason for going there!) 🙂

Mr Draper, M, HIM and I had just had drinks at Playground and were now on the search for something NOM NOM to fill our stomaches with… we first tried to head to a new restaurant (previously CHOP CHOP)… but that was closed, then we saw MARU (Korean Kitchen) – which was full and with no reservation we were unable to be seated (we are going here on Wednesday evening – so will be able to give a review after that)…and finally we got to Chez Max

chez max place setting

we were greeted by a wonderfully friendly young gal (anyone younger than me is now termed a girl :))… who proceeded to recite the menu in English – but not before encouraging us to have an aperitif (namely – some Still Rosé wine… which M and I both loved… but the boys both pulled up their noses at it) and nibble on some bread.

chez max rose still aperitif chez max bread

M and HIM both ordered the Le confit de canard grillé au piment d´Espelette, salade de lentilles vertes à la feta (Crispy duck served with a salad of green lentils with feta – 19€) – the duck was deliciously crisp and tasty – but I have to say that the plate really lacked some starch…. (in my humble opinion)

chez max duck

Mr Draper ordered the Asperges blanches de Malines poêlées, chorizo Iberico et œuf cocotte (White asparagus poached and served with Spanish chorizo and an egg – 18€) – which had been my second choice… and it looked delicious but once again – I would say that the portion size was little on the small side for a main meal for a man.

chez max asparagus

and I … having seen entrecote (steak) on the menu – from Jack O’Shea’s was ready for some meat. Then our lovely waitron told me that they had a hamburger available – not on the menu but using the same meat from the entrecote item (as there was only one entrecote steak left)… this was 16€ and served on an artisan bread rolled with REAL cheddar cheese and a balsamic reduction sauce next to a salad and boiled potatoes… and let’s be honest… it was the winner of the evening!!

chez max hamburger

I shared… I did…

M then ordered the La pannacotta vanille  et son sorbet framboise/anis étoilé (Panna Cotta with raspberry sorbet and topped with a meringue – 9€) – which was the winner in terms of desserts….

chez max panna cotta

and HIM got a portion of La crème brulée à la pistache de Sicile (Pistache Créme Brulée – 9€) – nice but not as nice as the Panna Cotta!

chez max creme brulee

Would I go back again? Probably – and a definitely if I knew that they were making the Jack o’Shea hamburgers again!

Chez Max

Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 550A, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 344 4232

email: info@chezmaxrestaurant.be



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