Playground Bar opens

I can probably see into this venues garden/terrace if I placed one foot on my 2nd floor lounge window ledge and hung out of it (precariously)…

Ok – maybe I am exaggerating just a tiny bit…

But this new bar is really at the end of street and is in the same spot that the *old inn* used to be (yes – the little irish pub that used to be next to the Texaco on rue Washington).

So… it’s a Friday night and the place has been open for a week or two (or so I have gathered) and I noticed that there were large numbers of Belgian *cool* people hanging around there. (You know the cool types that I mean – the ones that look like they just walked off the billboard – beige chino pants, white leather loafters, white shirt tucked into aforementioned pants with a super trendy slim belt… all finished off with a dark fitted blazer (sleeves meticulously rolled up to the elbows) and designer sunglasses… and that is just the girls!! The boys are wearing red, yellow or blue fitted chino’s with (what can only be called *designer*) gel in their longer than normal hair!)

I digress…

HIM even mentioned that this venue was pumping with people when he would come home from work in the wee-hours…

SO Mr Draper, M, HIM and I decided that we needed to check it out….on the first available friday night…

Playground here we come … yes – that is the name of this new spot… Playground

playground outside

offering food, drinks and music… although a little light on the food side. We had originally decided to go there for dinner – but it seems that they were only serving snack type items (mini burgers, mini pizza’s, cheese, etc)…

So we stuck around for a drink – sipping in the beautiful evening (we managed to get one of the last tables outside)… and enjoyed our aperitif’s. But don’t be disheartened if these tables are gone… the interior of the venue is beautifully and very tastefully upgraded!

playground inside 2 playground inside 1

So check it out for an after work drink or a late night tipple… cos I believe that this place is going to be the *happening* spot for summer! (you read it first here! :))


address: 76 Rue Washington, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 640 7959 (but still in construction mode)


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