Hotel Bloom Breakfast

I am a sucker for competitions… send in an answer and wait…

Well – I seem to enter the competitions – but I rarely seem to win any… (I have however won a meal at Bia mara through twitter before)… 🙂

So imagine my surprise when I entered the HotelBLOOM twitter/Facebook competition for BOZAR NIGHT…. 2 tickets to BOZAR NIGHT, 1nights accommodation for 2people in an L-shaped room plus breakfast (and late check out!) and WON!


This blog was never intended for Hotel accommodation ratings… but I do want to show you a picture of the room… and let you know that every single room has a different artist’s touch… how cool is that?

hotel bloom room 2 hotel bloom room 1

And how appropriate that our room was done by a Portuguese artist? eh??? HIM loved this!

hotel bloom room description

As a child, as a treat… maybe once a year… Mom used to take me to a hotel for a breakfast.. it was a highlight… it was special… it was a chance to fill up on all the good treats that you never really make/have for breakfast on a regular day (bacon, eggs, fruit salad, smoothies, croissants… and more more more….)

HIM and I headed down relatively late to the breakfast room call OOH! (breakfast is served from 7.30am to 11.00am on weekends and holidays… and we only meandered down at 10.30am).

hotel bloom breakfasts hotel bloom breakfast area 2 hotel bloom breakfast area 1

The breakfast area was empty… but there was still some food:

hotel bloom breakfast 4 Hotel Bloom breakfast 3 hotel bloom breakfast 2 hotel bloom breakfast 1

On the plus side, the smoothies were delicious, they have a relatively good variety on display to help yourself and I love the suduko game on each of the place settings!!

hotel bloom breakfast 5

AND they offer 2 great concepts’:

  1. Make your own waffle…

hotel bloom waffles

  1. Take away coffee

hotel bloom coffee

on the down side – because we were late to breakfast – there was very little bread options left and what was still in baskets was pretty hard and unappealing, and lastly… I am exceptionally grateful for having this breakfast for GRATIS… because I think that 25€ is a bit steep for a hotel breakfast (sorry)

would I go back? I would definitely suggest to visiting out of towners to stay at the hotel – the rooms are really spacious, comfortable and modern AND I have eaten at SMOODS (the hotel restaurant before) and can really recommend it (plus the restaurant has a great idea of creating different eating spaces/environments!)

Hotel Bloom

address: Rue Royale 250, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels 1210, Belgium

telephone: +32 2 220 6905


3 thoughts on “Hotel Bloom Breakfast

  1. Congratulations on winning! Your Hotel Bloom post takes me back a little. We stayed here last year on our first night in Brussels.. we moved into our apartment the next day. It was a lovely and relaxing way to start our expat journey!

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