Courgette, bean and pea soup

As I have gotten older (oh boy)… my tastes have really changed. (Haven’t yours???)

When I was a child – I pretty much only ate 2 types of soup – cream of tomato (from a tin) and chicken noodle (from a packet). That was it. Nothing could entice me to try minestrone or onion or leek or any other type of soup. As I got a little older (teenager), I started to eat a few more soups (like Butternut or pumpkin) – but I still refused to eat a soup that wasn’t completely smooth and blended (not sure why, but I avoided the floating veggies like the plague).

NOW – as a somewhat older individual – I love soups… and even more so if there are chunky bits!! Who knew!

In an attempt to watch the waistline (and here, I mean watch… not necessarily do anything about :)) – I found a soup on the BBC Good Food website that would use up the courgettes that were sitting in my fridge and promised to be only 200 calories per serving!! FANTASTIC!

Courgette, bean and pea soup

it taste far more delicious than it actually looks - promise!

it taste far more delicious than it actually looks – promise!

1 garlic clove, crushed

olive oil

1 onion, diced

500g courgettes, sliced/diced

1 400g tin of cannelloni beans

200g frozen peas

1l stock

courgette soup ingredients

  • heat oil in a large pot
  • Fry onion and garlic
  • Add courgettes and cook for 3-5minutes
  • courgette soup mix 1
  • Add stock, beans and peas.
  • courgette soup mix 2
  • Reduce heat and cook for another 5-10minutes
  • Serve with a little bit of pesto on the top (and I added just the tiniest bit of feta cheese as well)

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