Indochine Restaurant

we are moving…

Yes! HIM and I have found a nice new duplex apartment to move into… which means that we will be leaving behind the Chatelain area and moving 3blocks down… closer to Flagey… (it really isn’t that far :))

The biggest opportunity that this brings is that I will now be looking at the restaurants that are close by to our new (and humble) abode… and trying them out!

So Mr Draper, M, HIM and I headed out this last Saturday to *investigate*….

the placemats @ Indochine

the placemats @ Indochine

We stumbled down Lesbroussart until we came across a restaurant called Indochine which had a quirky colonial type interior, with lots of train carriage artifacts (including little old-fashioned railway seats and mirrors in each of the “carriages”!)… and offering Vietnamese cuisine.

photo credit: nettah-yoeli-rimmer

photo credit: nettah-yoeli-rimmer

We hadn’t booked… but it was ok, it was still early (7.30pm-ish) and the waitron staff happily showed us to a table on the mezzanine level overlooking the main restaurant area.

looking down in the restaurant from our table on the mezzanine level

looking down in the restaurant from our table on the mezzanine level

We opted to try out a *sharing platter* of entrée’s – which the kitchen very kindly adapted to feed 4 of us 🙂 – 3 fresh spring rolls each (1 shrimp, 1 beef mince and 1 mystery meat… I kept guessing duck – but the others reminded me that the menu never indicated *canard*) – this surrounds 2 “salads” – one of which was a very fresh and ultimately my favourite of the night – Indonesian chicken salad; which was next to a portion of carpaccio beef (which Mr Draper and M raved about) – this is normally priced at 17,50€ for 2ppl.



next up – Mr Draper ordered the selection of skewers (which he said was good, nothing great… but tasty enough)

indochine skewers

HIM ordered a Pork Curry which was served with rice and he devoured every mouthful (so it has to be good, right?) 🙂

indochine pork curry

M and I spotted 2 items on the menu that we are both suckers for… namely Spare ribs and Peking Duck – so we opted to order these and SHARE. In all fairness – we have been spoilt… the Peking Duck at New China on Tenbosch is the BEST that I have ever had, the owner even rolls them up at the table for you and they melt in the mouth – so using them as a benchmark was not easy. Secondly, the spare ribs at Fin de Siecle are also out of this world – and I haven’t been anywhere yet that can come even close.

Build your own  - Peking duck with a peanut sauce

Build your own – Peking duck with a peanut sauce

ribs - sticky and fatty... but still finger licking good!

ribs – sticky and fatty… but still finger licking good!

so finally – the sharing entrée platter was AMAZING.. definitely a 10/10 while the rest of the meal left me feeling like I had made the wrong menu chooses…

indochine place setting

Would I go back? Definitely. The interior is quirky and fun, the staff are friendly and helpful, the prices are reasonable and mainly because glancing around the restaurant at other people’s tables and their food plates made me salivate!


address: 58 Rue lesbroussart, Ixelles, 1050, Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 649 9615

Opening hours: Mon-Sat = 12h00-14h30 & 19h00-23h00

no website


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