Portuguese cuisine in Brussels – Terramar

It is incredibly difficult to find your local cuisine in a foreign country… which is why every expat gets quite excited if they find something that even closely resembles food from home!

HIM took me to a more traditional Portuguese restaurant a few weekends back called Terramar (not like Casa do Bacalhau, which is Portuguese but caters for a more European palate).

Terramar exterior

Located on Chaussee de Waterloo near the interchange of Tenbosch – it is still within my definition of “walking distance” from my humble abode.  🙂



HIM ordered a traditional Portuguese dish called Feijoada (essentially a stew with beans, pork meat (everything from a pigs ear, tail, trotter to actual chunks of meat), blood sausage, chorizo, etc) served with rice,

terramar stew

while opted for the Veal skewer served with chips and salad.

terramar veal skewer

We then shared a dessert called Molotov cake (a meringue soufflé dessert served with some caramel sauce) – very sweet!!!!

terramar molotov

Would I go back? I loved the interior of the restaurant, it was warm, clean and beautifully decorated. The Staff were friendly and everything moved very efficiently and effectively, without the patrons being rushed. And most importantly… the patrons all spoke Portuguese and if the *local expats* think it is good enough – then so do I!


address: 498 Chaussee de Waterloo, 1050, Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 537 2624

website: http://www.restaurant-terramar.be/terramar-fr.htm


One thought on “Portuguese cuisine in Brussels – Terramar

  1. Ahh… you are so lucky. I have to wait for my inlaws to get out before I get any decent Portuguese cooking. We have the Tasca down the road, which exclaimed, “well, not as thick as the Portuguese like it…” when we asked how they made their calde verde. Needless to say Handsome will NEVER take the folks there.

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