Pub Grub in London… Euston Flyer

As already mentioned… HIM and I went to London for the weekend (see here)

Arriving in on Friday night … meant that we had the WHOLE of Saturday to sightsee and enjoy all that London has to offer… right? WRONG! We woke up at 7am on the Saturday to find that the sky had opened up… not only with rain… but sleet and snow as well… The wind was blustering everyone and everything and around and using an umbrella was not an option.

We soldiered on… found our way to our sightseeing bus, grasping our tickets eagerly in our shivering and shaking little hands… and realised after about an hour on the tour that we would be *listening* to the tour rather than *seeing* anything… as the windows had misted up and the visibility outside of that was pretty much zero!

We continued on… visited St Pauls Cathedral, did the tour… found our way back to the bus, traipsed our way through the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels and then back into the horrendous weather… which is when I turned to HIM and literally begged to be taken to a warm place… any warm place (preferably one where they served wine)…

So we headed back to our hotel area (St Pancras) and stumbled into the Euston Flyer cold, wet, bedraggled and very hungry at 3pm…

exterior (photo credit: their website)

exterior (photo credit: their website)

inside the pub (photo credit: their website)

inside the pub (photo credit: their website)

One look at the menu and I KNEW that I was going for Fish & Chips (peas, tartare sauce & lemon 9.95£)

euston flyer fish and chips

while HIM is sucker for sausages (I know that this sounds bad… but he adored the sausages in Germany when we were for the Christmas markets and he loved the fact that the Brits serve sausages for breakfast)… so it was a no-brainer for him… Cumberland sausages & Mash (red wine gravy & caramelized red onions 8.95£)

euston flyer bangers and mash

These pub is conveniently placed near the main station (St Pancras/Kings Cross)… serves great tasting food (don’t forget to order and pay at the counter) and has a traditional English pub feel to it!

The Euston Flyer

address: 83-87 Euston Road, London, NW1 2RA, UNITED KINGDOM

telephone: +44 020 7383 0856




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