Pizza Express…. what’s not to love

HIM and I trained off to London for a weekend….

HIM’s first visit and my umpteenth, cos we all know how much I love train travel and London! And we stayed in the new renovated Pullman London St Pancras hotel (on the 11th floor with views across the British Museum, Renaissance Hotel and St Pancras)….SIGH… *bliss*

It is also directly opposite a Pizza Express restaurant.

pizza express table

Peter Boizot, founder, started the concept in 1965 (first shop in Wardour Road) after a love of Pizza and a trip to Italy as a schoolboy that inspired the dough throwing/tossing and striped shirt concept! Now there are more than 400 Pizza Express Restaurants across the UK!!! Clearly, the concept works!

love the menu!!

love the menu!!

It was 10pm on a Friday night – we were cold, tired and after dropping off our bags at the hotel… we wanted a little something for our tummies!

HIM ordered the La Reine Classic pizza (Prosciutto cotto ham, olives, mushrooms for 9.25£),

pizza express la reine

while I opted for the Pomodora Pesto Leggera (a ring of the thinner dough, topped lightly with mozzarella, marinated santos tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto, garlic oil … but the best part is that the centre is cut out and filled with a delicious rocket salad… and all this for less than 500calories and for only 9.20£!!)

pizza express leggera

When HIM saw the pizza’s arrive – his comment was that it wasn’t as big as Pizza Pronto (in Brussels) because he could see the plate BUT after his first mouthful, he did confirm that he was enjoying the Pizza Express version as well!

Would I go back? yes – I love the *slimmers* pizza concept… not a lot of cheese, but lots of tomato and a little side salad makes it feel super healthy AND it is super tasty!

Pizza Express



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