Cheese and Bovril Twists

I am still a child at heart…. I love recipes that appeal to the little one in me… so when I stumbled across this recipe in the BBC Good Food Magazine (September 2009 Issue)… in the *cooking with Auntie Sara* section… I knew I had to give it a go!

Their recipe said Marmite…but I am a Bovril girl…. and nothing you can say can make me change that!

For those of you who are going “Bovril, WTF is that?”… it is a thick, salty & meaty extract developed by a genius (in my humble opinion) from the UK… and can be used for spreading on toast, making stock or flavouring dishes (some people add a spoon to a cup of boiling water and call it *soup*… of this, I don’t approve :))

Cheese & Bovril Twists

bovril cheese sticks

50g cheddar cheese, grated

1 ready to use sheet of puff pastry

2 teaspoons of Bovril (if you don’t like Bovril or Marmite, they suggest trying it with Mustard)

  • spread the Bovril over the pastry
  • bovril cheese sticks 2
  • Drizzle the cheese over the top
  • cut into equal strips
  • TWIST!
  • bovril cheese sticks 3
  • Bake for 15minutes at 200C (or until golden)
  • Leave for about 5minutes on the tray to firm up and then lift onto a cooling rack
  • bovril cheese sticks final

One thought on “Cheese and Bovril Twists

  1. These look lovely – Being from the UK I’m a HUGE Bovril fan, I often add it to water… but as an alternative to a cup of tea rather than a soup!
    Drink it after a night out and it can help with a hangover…

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