St Patricks Day Ball 2013… Concert Nobel

It has been too long… for this I apologize…. it has just been crazy busy at work with travelling across multiple European countries and I haven’t found a moment to sit down and start blogging about all the wonderful things that I have made or eaten…

The Irish Club of Belgium host a St Patrick’s Day Ball every year… and I was fortunate enough to attend last years one at the Conrad Hotel in Brussels (see post here). So this year… M, Mr Draper and I teamed up with Sarah and her cronies… and managed to organise 3 tables worth of folk to attend the 2013 version… hosted at Concert Noble in Brussels.

the gals....

the gals….

The Agenda for the evening was advertised as follows:

  • 19h00-19h45       Cocktail Reception
  • 20h00                   Move into Ball room
  • 20h15-20h30      Speeches
  • 20h30-22h30      Five course meal with white and red wine (unfortunately we noticed that there was in reality… only 4 courses… unless coffee counts as a course??)
  • 22h30                    Entertainment (Riverdance style Irish Dance Show)
  • 22h30                    Drinks served by Diago (Bushmills, Baileys, Guinness, etc)
  • diageo2
  • 22h30-04h00      Dancing with DJ Clutz

At a cost of 95€ for non-members… we were looking forward to an evening of fun and entertainment.

The first course consisted of slices of cheese, tomato and parma ham – with a parmesan toast placed strategically on top:

irish ball starter 1

The second course was tartare of tuna (unfortunately for me… not my favourite… and I am the queen of sushi… but it was just too compact) served with a mango coulis

irish ball starter 2

The third and main course was Irish beef with potatoes dauphinoise and some veggies (again – another disappointment… I love my steak medium… but this was swimming in a bit of blood and half the vegetables were raw and very crunchy… the dauphinoise was excellent though)

Irish ball beef

And the fourth and final course was a delightful mini baked Alaska… with a raspberry sorbet surprise inside…. DELICOUS!!!!

irish ball dessert

To give you a sense of the mirth for the events leading up to my evening…

  • I managed to burn my scalp and finger tips trying to curl my hair
  • curls remained for exactly 3minutes before falling straight (and yes – I used hair spray)
  • I managed to stub my toe so hard that I collapsed on the bed (with above mentioned curlers in my hair) in a fit of hysteria (tears and laughter)
  • The heels of my smart high-heeled dance shoes kept catching on the back of my dress
  • The support underwear that I wore took me more than 10minutes to get into… and would require bathroom breaks that rival most teenage girls morning routines (in terms of time)!
  • Abovementioned shoes were removed and replaced with ballet pumps and already mentioned toe was now swollen and blue/black

But the wine flowed during the meal… and then the open bar by Diago was visited… and then as a wonderful surprise… at midnight – bottles of champagne were opened and placed on our tables for enjoyment! And of course… I was there with HIM!!

HIM and moi

My utmost honesty is that I enjoyed the evening – it was wonderful to have HIM there and share in the fun of getting all *dolled up* for a night out with friends, the venue was fancy (albeit the ceilings were very high and the helium balloons that made their way to there were not appreciated by the staff but made for some very interesting table entertainment) and the dj was great. I even won a wonderful Irish silverware gift box in the Tombola. YEAH!

The food however left me feeling disappointed and the staff were unable to crack even the smallest of smiles…Would I return? I will definitely earmark the St Paddy’s Day Ball for 2014… but desperately hope that it is back at the Conrad hotel rather 🙂


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