Fratelli La Bufala Italian Restaurant

This particular restaurant has been on my LIST  for ages… It is 2doors away from Lucy Changs and next door to a restaurant that used to be PHAT (but has changed owners and concept AGAIN) and just when I thought I was going to be able to tick them off my list… I realised that they are closed on Mondays… *sigh*

The next opportunity to visit them was with a work group for a team dinner – but as we left reservations to the last minute, they couldn’t accommodate our table of 12 on short notice.. *sad face*

But finally, Mr Draper, visiting buddy and myself found an opportunity to check out FRATELLI LA BUFFALA… and even though we were the first people through the door just after 7pm on a Thursday evening (thinking that we might have an empty restaurant), it filled up quickly and before we knew it, the restaurant was full!

fratelli la bufala

The waitron staff were friendly, spoke english and gave a detailed explanation about the evenings specials (which we saw leaving the kitchen, and we kicked ourselves afterwards for not ordering them!)

The menu has a wide selection of offerings – everything from pizza and pasta to grilled meat to salads.

a nibble while you check out the menu

a nibble while you check out the menu

The boys opted for a Sausage dish (16€) – slit open and cooked butterfly style and then topped with some Italian cheese and served with salad and crinkle cut french fries.

fratelli la bufala sausage

While I decided to be *good* and ordered one of their salads (12€) – an enormous plate of salad leaves (and red cabbage), topped with Pecorino cheese, buffalo Mozzarella and julienne strips of courgette. My only comment is that I felt that the salad was far too big and that it probably needed one more ingredient to make it *whole*… something salty….

fratelli la bufala salad

Would I go back? YES… and this time, I would order what the waitron recommended as the daily specials as these looked AMAZING!

Fratelli La Bufala

address: 118 Rue Americaine, 1050 Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 537 6700



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