MexiGo for the Authentic Taste of Mexico

The other day, I was sitting in the canteen at work when one of my Mexican colleagues walked in with some Chicken Tamales (a traditional dish made of starchy dough (usually corn-based) which is steam or boiled using a leaf wrapper and can be filled with a multitude of different items (chicken, corn, cheese, chillies, etc)).

I asked him if he had made it, and he said that he had found a local Mexican store called MexiGo that sold them… and for a Mexican to be this happy with the Mexican products made in another country (on another continent), I knew that it was going to be something good.

And the stars were definitely on my side – because the next day, I found out that Mr Draper’s birthday party was going to be serving Mexican food… from MexiGO!! what were the chances!

Mr Draper ordered a whole range of goodies! (Keeping in mind that orders need to be in by a Wednesday for a free Friday/Saturday delivery).

Guacamole and Torilla chips... YUM

Guacamole and Torilla chips… YUM

Fiesta Tacos Fried – Chicken (small fried 10cm corn tortilla tacos filled with delicious pieces of chicken breast 6€). Each portion comes with 8 Fiesta Tacos and a portion of green tomatillo sauce.

Tringas (their own unique blend of chicken breast marinated in a special sauce and then placed inside a flour tortilla with cheese 6€). Each portion comes with 3 Tringas and one portion of chipotle sauce.

Tringas and Fiesta Tacos

Tringas and Fiesta Tacos

Tortilla Chips (450g of delicious corn tortilla chips 3€) perfect for pairing with Jalapeño Cheddar Dip (4€), Green Tomatillo Sauce (5€ for 0.5litres), Pico de Gallo Sauce (5€ for 0.5litres) and the ever famous Gaucamole (15€ for 1litre).

Salsa in the back and Tomatillo in the front

Pico in the back and Tomatillo in the front

the array of sauces...

the array of sauces…

for those who are not aware… Tomatillo Sauce  is a traditional Mexican recipe whereby green tomatillo (related to the cape gooseberry) is mixed with peppers and spices and Pico De Gallo sauce is a fresh uncooked mixture made from tomato, white onion and chilli and normally has a bit of lime juice and fresh coriander added as well (what we would call a salsa)


address: 47 Francois Dons, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 649 2383 or +32 479 309858

Deadline to place orders: Wednesday 14h00 and free delivery to home/office on Fridays & Saturdays. Permanent menu with dishes available every week as well as 2 different dishes in their weekly menu. Food is delivered ready to be heated (i.e. food is not hot at the moment of delivery)


8 thoughts on “MexiGo for the Authentic Taste of Mexico

  1. We LOVE Mexigo! It’s conveniently close to Andrew’s MBA classes so I make him stock up on Saturdays 🙂 Their stuff freezes well too so it’s nice to have something tasty in the freezer for those nights when there’s not time (or desire) to cook. Glad you found them!

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