Keep on Toasting… Brussels Food Truck

I was lucky enough to have met Jean-Baptiste Nyssen of Keep on Toasting last year, when he explained the concept of his food truck to me. Bringing gourmet food to the streets and turning the croque-monsieur into something that you salivate over! A 26year old Belgian chef with a passion for food and for sharing his creative experiences – it is a true success story in the making!

Keep on Toasting chef

Jane at Best of Brussels had 2013 Resolutions of finally visiting his stand – and so did Alison and Andrew from and myself….as the truck was officially launched in November 2012 and we had all seen the hype and talkability of it.

Well – FINALLY… and to be honest, I have to say that I wish that I had got my act together a lot quicker… we made our way down to Flagey on a somewhat snowy and dreary Sunday, meeting up with our fellow bloggers from cheeseweb to sample what the truck had on offer.

keep on toasting menu

There are always 4 Gourmet Toasties available (5€) – with an international feel and an interesting combination of flavours, as well as a daily dessert (2€).

HIM and I decided to share the Alpin (cheese, ham and carrots simmered in rosemary) and the British (scrambled eggs, bacon, stilton and green beans). Both of which had us grinning from ear to ear and making lots of MMMmmmm sounds.

keep on toasting toasties keep on toasting toasties 2

This was all washed down with delicious warm and sweet (but not too sweet) cup of hot chocolate… and finally, HIM and I glanced at each other (after hearing from Andrew & Alison that the Veggie option shouldn’t work, but did)… and decided that we needed to share ANOTHER toastie. This Veggie (lentils, chevre cheese, nuts and chutney) toastie was delicious – just like the other 2….

keep on toasting veggie

I have to say that I know that the Alpin toastie was HIM’s favourite while mine was a toss-up between the British and Veggie ones. Would I go back? Absolutely – Jean-Baptiste is onto a winning concept here… providing gourmet street food to the nation without charging an arm and a leg. (And I am still in agreement with Andrew that the Lobster toastie just might work ;))

Keep on Toasting

address: check their website to find out where the truck is on a particular day, plus they are available for corporate events (being able to serve up to 500 toasties)

telephone: +32 486 486326



7 thoughts on “Keep on Toasting… Brussels Food Truck

  1. I tried to reach him for a private party and I he’s booked! Next time, I’ll plan ahead! Do you know of any other food trucks that I might be able to get with short notice?

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