IndiGo – Our London shopping luncheon

Once every few months – I have the urge … no no… I have the NEED to get into London for a proper shopping experience!!!

As my alter-ego name clearly states… (why) I am not skinny… and Belgian shops (in fact – pretty much most of Europe) only caters for the smaller sized gals… those that think lunch is a carrot stick and dinner is a pack of cigarettes washed down with a bottle of expensive French wine (yes, yes… the claws are out – but I don’t mean any disrespect – *promise*)…. just that clothes shopping in Brussels for me is sad and depressing and I walk away with a pair of shoes (the only thing that will fit)…. While clothes shopping in London is exciting and always return with a plethora of new items!

So where to go in London for a bit of retail therapy? Well you can head down to Oxford street for all the big names or Portobello road market for some funky (and vintage) fashions… and these are just to name two… but my personal favourite is heading to Westfields Shopping Centre in London.

I get my fill of M&S, Boots, Wallis, Evans, Ann Summers/La Senza, Holland&Barrett to name a few…. but one of my favourite parts of the day (apart from a glass of champagne at the end) is finding a new spot for lunch!

M, Sarah and I were almost shopped out. Notice the use of the word *almost*… but what we were in need of, was a refuel! An energy boost… a tasty treat to keep up our energy levels for the rest of the afternoons strenuous activities 🙂

We headed to the food court Balcony area, which is situated in middle of the mall on the 1st floor and decided that we needed to try out the Indian street food option called Indi-Go. They offer authentic express *street style* food using the freshest local ingredients brought to life by their custom-built mosaic Tandoori grill oven!

We ordered the Vegetable Samoosa (5,95£) along with a Channa Puri (chickpea curry: 6,95£), Grilled Tandoori Chicken (6.95£) and some Papdi Chaat (A Popular travelling food stall item – Chaat translates to lick, referring to the range of foods that are considered *fast food* and/or snacks, while Papdi being the crisp fried dough wafers made from refined flour and oil, all served with chilli’s, yoghurt and my personal favourite – a good squeeze of lime:  5.95£)

indi go all indi go plates 1 indi go tikka chicken

It was great… it wasn’t greasy, it was tasty but not particularly spicy (which I had hoped it would have) but all in all – a place that I would return to and even recommend!


Address: Unit 2131, Balcony, Westfields London, White City, W12 7GE, UNITED KINGDOM

Telephone: +44 20 8740 4301/0669

no website – except the details on the Westfields site


7 thoughts on “IndiGo – Our London shopping luncheon

  1. Ugh, you are killing me here. I adore Indian food but gave up trying to eat it in Belgium. Well, at restaurants anyway. I started cooking my own from scratch a few years ago out of desperation. It would be so nice to have the restaurant options of London, when it comes to Indian and this looks great! I’m also with you on the clothes shopping options. I’m so excited M&S is coming back to Bxl.. now if we could just get a Boots…

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