It’s my BIRTHDAY (blog wise)

I can’t believe it!

A year has gone by…. in the blink of an eye! And my food rambling blog turns ONE!!

Photo Credit: Cake Creations by Huma

Photo Credit: Cake Creations by Huma


365days and this is the 238th post, 237 comments over 3pages – 2 recipes have been featured in Woolworths Taste Magazine (here and here), received the Bronze Belgium Expat Blogger of the year 2012 award and finally (and most importantly) – it has been READ by you (for this, I thank you & send a virtual slice of birthday cake)

There is no “real” foodie post today – BUT – I would like you to answer 2 questions….

(a) What is YOUR favourite way of spending a birthday?

(Is it baking or eating a cake, reading birthday cards, receiving calls, Party? ….. etc etc – please let me know)

(b) What is YOUR favourite Birthday meal?

(is it birthday cake for breakfast? Pizza? Roast? Or going out?


9 thoughts on “It’s my BIRTHDAY (blog wise)

  1. Happy {blog} birthday!! Nothing like a big party on your birthday, but no one wants to clean up – so the logical answer is usually going out to celebrate!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Toady I started my blog (after years of brainstorming and debating). What you’ve accomplished in one year is an inspiration! I hope in one year I have a similar list of successes.
    By the way, my BF is South African so I am very interested to read more of your articles and recipes. I may have to try a few of them out.

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