My name is….. and I am a crisp-o-holic

I finally made the first step… by admitting that I have a problem… I am addicted to crisps..

If there is a bag in my house – it will be consumed – yes, the entire big bag … and the whole “but why don’t you buy small bags” or “just put a few in a bowl” comments make no sense to me…. once I get the taste, I NEED to continue munching my way through the entire pack, down to the very last crumble (which I always manage to get out of the corner of the packet with my index finger… Mmmm)


So when I was in Cape Town in December and was the lucky benefactor of a R250 YuppieChef voucher…  I put it to good use! I bought a healthy chip microwave maker….

Yuppiechef website was easy to use… the delivery to a South African address was within 2days and the packaging and little notes were a fantastic personal touch! I was impressed. Check out their website here for all your favourite kitchen goodies (along with a whole plethora of items you didn’t even know that you needed) – shipped within South Africa for FREE!

yuppiechef inside box

yuppiechef chip set

So I finally put the kit to use this past weekend – making *home-made thin cut crisps* (within 3minutes in the microwave)… seasoned with a little bit of salt (the first batch were not seasoned and you really need to!)

One medium sized potato made a bowl full of crispy chips… but as you need to do it in batches (one layer of thinly sliced potato (the slicer is also in the box) placed strategically on the plastic plate with absolutely no overlapping!) it took about 4-5 attempts in the microwave – and I ate each batch while making the next! hee hee…

3 minutes in the microwave

3 minutes in the microwave

Yuppiechef chips final


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