Frau in Fruh in Cologne

Ever been to Germany just before Christmas? Well, they do the most phenomenal Christmas Markets with loads of little wooden huts providing a range of trinkets, decorations and of course FOOD! But it isn’t just a Christmas Market that they know how to do properly… they really know how to prepare and serve hearty meals!

HIM and I headed off for a quick trip to Cologne in Germany to meet up with Shelley who was visiting for a Sweetie Convention (Imagine thousands of sweet related businesses getting together under one roof… the smell of chocolates would have had me drooling within 3minutes… and I know…. if she wasn’t my friend, I might just have to hate her… but being friends for almost 20years makes me proud of her instead!)

Unfortunately, some of our wonderful plans were dashed when Shells flight was delayed from Friday night to Saturday morning and her connecting flight from Zurich, followed by a train would only get her to Cologne after 10pm… and our Thalys train was delayed by over 2hr due to weather conditions affecting earlier trains…  but we still made the most of our little *getaway*.

Checking in at the Hilton in Cologne is always a pleasure with polite and prompt service, free wifi at the lobby bar and very comfortable room. But we merely dropped our bags and decided to brave the snow and cold to see just a little bit of what Cologne had to offer (including a visit into the Dom… which truly is spectacular).

Within an hour – we were looking at each other (while shivering uncontrollably) and decided that 6pm was a perfectly acceptable time for us to imbibe a few German beers and of course order a hearty (stodgy) German plate of food!

When we stumbled across FRÜH – Brauhauskeller (the first Cologne brewery cellar) and  I knew that it was IT!

couretsy of their website

courtesy of their website

Probably one of the most known and popular German taverns in Cologne, with wooden tables & benches spread across multiple floors (and yes, consider sharing tables here)… with seats for 249people – the mediaeval castle with romanesque arches, that were uncovered and restored, offers a unique and relaxed dining experience.

inside the cellar...

inside the cellar…

We managed to snap up a table within a few minutes of arriving and before we knew it, our waiter was returning with our beers…. (only 200ml… they went down quite quickly)


HIM ordered the Bratwurst Pfanne (10,80€)

fruh sausages

while I *needed* the Wiener Schnitzel mit Bratkarto (22,50€)

fruh schnitzel

The food was everything that we expected, but arrived within 10minutes of us ordering (which is an indication that a fair amount of food must be pre-prepared in order to serve such a large beer hall)… so we were in and out in just over an hour… definitely not a sitting back and enjoying your meal leisurely kind of place.

Would I go back? Yes… probably because I have been there before during a Christmas Market season and enjoyed a very lively shared table with existing friends and made-on-the-night friends. It is also conveniently located near the Dom…. so perfect!

Cölner Hofbräu Früh

Address: Am Hof 12-16, 60667, Köln (Cologne), GERMANY

Telephone: +49 2 21 26 13 211


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