Twice baked creamy leek jacket potatoes

It’s snowing (or at least it was….) and HIM and I were all curled up indoors enjoying a plethora of tv series and movies and watching the little flakes of white fluff float down to the ground and look all soft and pretty. But lets be honest, this weather always seems to demand a certain amount of comfort food (no matter how hard I try to consider the concept of wedding dresses… eeeccck)!

I found this recipe in the Olive March 2012 issue,  and was immediately struck by how easy (and delicious) it looked! The name is a mouthful, but so is every actual mouthful 🙂

You can either roast your potatoes in the oven to start with OR (as I did) you can pop them into the microwave and bake them this way first (making sure that you turn the potatoes regularly, either way of cooking)

Whats your favourite comfort recipe when it is all snowy and cold outside?

Twice baked cream leek jacket potatoes

twice baked jacket potato 2

2 baking potatoes

1 leek, washed and sliced


100ml single cream

75g parmesan

  1. Prick potatoes and either roast in the oven (200C) for 1hr turning regularly OR bake in the microwave for 8-10minutes (also turning regularly)
  2. While the potatoes are cooking, cook the leek in a knob of butter and pinch of salt until tender.
  3. twice baked jacket potato leeks
  4. Once potatoes are cooked, halve them and scoop out the middle leaving a thin shell.
  5. twice baked jacket potato shells
  6. Tip the potatoes into the leek pan and add the cream along with more more seasoning and mash together.
  7. Place back into the potato shells and top with parmesan cheese
  8. twice baked jacket potato 1
  9. Bake for 15-20minutes at 200C until golden and bubbling.
  10. twice baked jacket potato final

7 thoughts on “Twice baked creamy leek jacket potatoes

  1. Another very similar way is to mash the scooped out potato with finely chopped onion, good strong grated cheese and cream and spoon back into the jackets. Once again top with cheese and cayenne pepper and bake. Mmmm

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  2. I don’t know if it’s because you’re using single instead of double cream that makes me feel less guilty, but ohhhh, I’m so trying this one out. That dress for next month’s Polo can wait;-)
    C xxx

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