The Avenue Restaurant and Grill, Harfield village

After a weekend of girlie time in Cape Town, during my December holiday (which included spa and sushi – as seen in the previous blog post)…. our last night together also included both Shells and Kir’s respective others, aka-husbands… and since we had braai-ed the previous night – we thought we should give the boys a night off from cooking for us 🙂

Finding a restaurant shouldnt have been hard… except that it was not only a Monday… but also a public holiday in South Africa – making it a long weekend… which normally means that very few restaurants are open! After phoning a few – who were all closed… we finally decided to cram all 5 of us into the Barnard hatchback and went in search of something to fill our hungry tums, on 2nd Avenue in Harfield village.

We found a parking space directly outside the restaurant The Avenue Restaurant and Grill and it was open!! That was a sign… right?!?

courtesy of FB

courtesy of FB

Recently opened by Tony Mason (head chef and ex-Hardrock owner) and his daughter Farah in mid 2012- the whole place has a very relaxed and welcoming feel (and offers some decent grillhouse offerings).

the avenue logo

Us gals were REALLY hungry after a day of doing nothing having spa treatments and a very small portion of sushi… and the guys, well, they are guys…. so we all ordered starters:

The guys got fried calamari (R45) and tucked in before I could score a photo…. and Shells decided to go for the chilli poppers  (served with a sweet thai sauce on the side R40)…. the poor girl didn’t know what had hit her…. these were the hottest things that ANY of us had ever tasted… and in order to save her taste buds (and ours) … she only ate 2 of the 4 that she had been given!

the avenue chilli poppers

Kirsty went for the Springbok carpaccio starter – served on a bed of rocket with parmesan shavings and a honey mustard dressing (R65)

the avenue carpaccio

and I had the fried halloumi starter (which is Tony, the chefs & owners, favourite) – sesame encrusted halloumi on a bed of greens with baby tomatoes and Patha (traditionally – a savoury spinach patty with a mix of spinach, spices, tamarind extract and herbs).

the avenue halloumi

We were all saving ourselves for the mains… STEAK!!! We all ordered steak (in some form or another) except for Shells. Our steaks were DIVINE!!!! perfectly cooked….(Range between R99 and R150 for something called *Fillet on the bone*)

the avenue steak and veggies

Shells tried the 600g beef spare ribs (R119)… and again… not her best choice, they were dry and burnt… and the staff were really great about it – they took it off the bill AND the chef came out to chat to her and give his sincerest apologies (for this, I am truly impressed)

the avenue ribs

Would I go back? Well – it offers a very laid back atmosphere, a decent menu with reasonable prices (plus the steaks were pretty awesome!) and the staff were friendly and efficient… so yes.

The Avenue Restaurant & Grill

Address: 47 2nd Avenue, Harfield Village, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Telephone: +27 21 671 0623


no website as yet – but they are on Facebook

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 17h30-23h00


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