White Forest Trifle

For the *post Christmas* friends luncheon that HIM and I are hosting this past Sunday – I wanted to make a dessert that was both easy and delicious, as well as festive!

In the Olive December 2012 issue – I found just the right thing! All that wonderful Christmas feeling, without the jelly, stodgy yellow custard and canned peach slices! Yes… I am talking about Trifle… probably my least favourite dessert in the world… until I saw this one!!

White Forest Trifle

white forest trifle 3

2x300g Madeira Cake

150g cherry conserve

3x390g black cherries in kirsch (drained)

250g mascarpone

500ml vanilla custard

vanilla extract


600ml double cream

2 Tablespoons icing sugar

200g white chocolate

  1. Cut cakes into 2cm slices
  2. Spread with jam and make sandwiches – cut each into 4
  3. Put aside some cherries for decoration
  4. Cut the rest of the cherries in half
  5. Beat the mascarpone until smooth and then gradually beat in the custard
  6. Stir in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  7. Put half the cake in a large glass trifle bowl (I made individual glasses instead)
  8. Drizzle over 3 Tablespoons of kirsch and spoon over half the cherries
  9. Top with half of the custard
  10. Add the other layer of cake and more kirsch, plus cherries and rest of custard
  11. Softly whip the cream and another 2 teaspoons of vanilla along with the icing sugar
  12. Spoon on top of the trifle
  13. Make chocolate curls by drawing a large, sharp knife across the surface of the white chocolate – pile on top of the trifle with the remaining decorative cherries

white forest trifle 2


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