Sushi with a local socialite at Sevruga

Yes…I finally get the opportunity to name drop….. (don’t shake your head, you know you would as well!)

HIM and I had lunch with LipGlossIsMyLife (yes – that socialite!)… not only has she appeared on the pages of YOU, Huisgenoot, Clicks clubcard magazine (amongst others)… but she is now in the SEVRUGA menu magazine… as one of their favourite sexiest socialites! And I know her! I have known her since before she was beautiful and famous… back when she was just beautiful …and in school uniform, learning a few things in a classroom with moi!

I don’t have any embarrassing school photos of  her (well – at least not the ones that I would share on this blog!)… but I do have this fabulous shot of her article!


Anyway – this wasn’t the only amazing part of our day at the V&A Waterfront (see previous post about our activities prior to lunch)… it was also about the fact that we tried out SEVRUGA (the sister restaurant of BELUGA), opened in June 2008 and in the perfect position to watch the people (and the tourist catamarans) go by!

I had a HUGE craving for sushi… and landed up being a little piggy and ordering far too much (which I still managed to consume…*hangs head in shame*)… but I have to admit that their salmon was so super duper fresh and melt in the mouth, that I have been dreaming of it ever since! I also blame the fact that sushi was half price… so I felt like I had to take advantage of this bargain!  Salmon Roses (4 pieces = R58 normal price or R29 half price special), Philadelphia rolls (cream cheese and salmon make the perfect partners, 8 pieces = R70 normal price or R35 half price special) and Prawn tempura rolls  – another of my favourites (8 pieces = R74 normal price or R37 half price special)… So essentially – this whole platter of sushi only cost me R101!! Bargain!

yum yum yum

yum yum yum

LipGloss gal ordered Tuna Roses (just like their sibling, the Salmon rose… but with gorgeous fresh tuna instead!) plus a bowl of tom yum soup (hot and sour prawn soup with ginger, lemongrass and chilli R50) … and Crab salad (R36 normal price or R18 half price special)

sevruga leigh sushi

And HIM opted for a more traditional route (especially since sushi is just not his thing!)… and ordered the tandoori Chicken breast (with a lemon & thyme velouté and matafam potatoes R109)

beautifully presented.. and HIM said it was very tasty!

beautifully presented.. and HIM said it was very tasty!

would I go back again? Yes…the staff were smart and courteous. Sushi was delicious and of course… the view and the ambiance just make it the place to be!


Address: Shop 4, Quay 5, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA

Telephone: +27 21 421 5134



3 thoughts on “Sushi with a local socialite at Sevruga

  1. Ha ha ha ha… thanks for all the kind words chica. I’d totally retweet this but I’m scared it’ll make me look like a self-promoting douche. That crab salad was v good. Could easily klap a bowl right now x x x

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