Gourmet Samosas at Market on the Wharf

HIM came to Cape Town this past Christmas (2012)… his first trip to South Africa and his first visit to meet my folks. Both went well…. GRIN

And a few outtings were planned while he was in the sunny Cape – namely a day trip to Franschhoek with my old (in tenure, not age) school mates (post here) and then on Boxing Day (26th December), HIM and I headed out to the V&A Waterfront early in the morning to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium, followed by a steamboat trip around the harbour (named Vicky – and is an exact replica of the steamboat featured on the Humphrey Bogart/Audrey Hepburn movie The African Queen. Steamboat Vicky is driven by a primus boiler and seats 40 passengers and offers a wonderful way of touring the Harbour while learning a bit about the history of the V&A Waterfront) and of course… between this, we managed to find our way into the Market on the Wharf (previously used for the Music Warehouse)

market on the wharf

Offering a range of premium fresh food across multiple stalls – this concept is a true winner! Offering everything from Argentinian to Cape Malay to Danish to German to Greek…. From cheese to eggs to fish to fresh fruit & veg… From cook books to cookware and speciality foods anywhere in between… this market has it all!

market on the wharf - stalls market on the wharf - juice bar market on the wharf - beef sarmies

We fell in love with the Gourmet Samosas stand…. Moona’s gourmet samosas were born out of a passion for cooking with only the freshest and very best ingredients… these little triangular gems are lovely hand-crafted with exotic aromas bursting with every mouthful. 5 for R45…. they were so good – that we had to go back and get another 5 to take home for snacks that evening!

gourmet samosa logo gourmet samosas stand market on the wharf - gourmet samosas

We tried the Prawn & Himalyan rice in Saffron Sauce, which was a pretty decent combination, then the Haloumi ones – also a winner, Sweet Potato and butternut with cinnamon was definitely my favourite, while HIM’s favourite was the Tandori chicken! There was also slow cooked lamb, spinach & ricotta, chickpea plus a lentil option…. all were more delicious than the next!

Gourmet samosas 5

would I go back? DEFINITELY…… not only for the Gourmet Samosas but also for all the other gorgeous delights that they had on offer!

Market on the Wharf

Address: Dock road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Telephone: +27 276 0200

email: info@waterfrontmarket.co.za


Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 09h30-19h30

Gourmet Samosas

Stand: 30 & 31 of the Market on the Wharf

Telephone: +27 84 603 3649

email: moonachaudhry5@gmail.com


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