Home-made Christmas Gifts: Millionaires Shortbread

As I sit in Sunny Cape Town after almost 2weeks of bliss – friends, family and fun (not to mention sea and sky)… I find that I miss my blog and sharing…. so before I start packing for tomorrows trek back to cold Brussels – I wanted to share this post. Xxx

When you can’t find a millionaire or make a million… and you have a really sweet tooth… then consider this biscuit recipe 🙂 which has all the makings of happiness combined in 3 of many people’s favourite foods, namely: chocolate, caramel and shortbread biscuit.

I made these a week before Christmas as part of my *Home-made Christmas Gifts* pack for friends and although it isn’t a particularly difficult recipe, it is somewhat time-consuming – as you really need to wait for the caramel to get to the right colour and consistency on a low heat, then you need to pour it over the freshly baked shortbread (which took 40minutes to bake)… then you need to let it cool for at least an hour before you attempt the melted chocolate part.


Having said that – it might be time-consuming, but it really is EASY… and super Delicious and makes a great gift, wrapped up carefully and decorated with ribbons!

Millionaires Shortbread Recipe

loving the 3 layers

loving the 3 layers


  • 175g butter, cubed
  • 250g flour
  • 75g caster sugar


  • 397g tin of condense milk
  • 4 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup
  • 100g butter


  • 250-300g chocolate (I used dark)


  1. Sift the flour and add to the Food processor that Mommabear had donated to my cause during my Oct visit to Cape Town
  2. Add sugar and butter and pulse until crumbs have been formed
  3. Press into a base of tin (20cm should work), prick the shortbread lightly and bake for 40-45min at 160C until lightly browned
  4. To make Caramel, place condense milk, butter and golden syrup into a thick bottomed pot and gently melt
  5. Bring to the boil (gently), stirring constantly until the colour darkens and the mixture thickens
  6. Pour over shortbread and leave to cool for approximately 1hour
  7. Melt chocolate over a pan of hot water and once fully melted, pour over the caramel
  8. Leave to set for at least 3hours or overnight and then cut into squares or bars

millionaires shortbread 1


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