Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken

When there are a few days remaining before I jet off to sunny Cape Town for 2weeks of family, friends and festive fun – I tend to start emptying out not only the fridge but also the store cupboard as well. In terms of the start of 2013, I want to be able to come home to a clean (ish) apartment with a fresh take on the inside of my fridge, freezer and cupboards – it isn’t so much as cleaning out and making sure that things don’t go off – but more about starting the new year with a *clean* (ish) slate.

With this in mind, I have a fair amount of bottles of *things* that have a few spoons left in them – including the bottles of sweet chilli sauce and soya sauce… so this was an idea invented by HIM and myself:

Sweet & Sour chicken

sweet and sour chicken final

4 chicken breasts, diced (no skin or bones)

3 Tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce

3 Tablespoons of soya sauce

splash of oil

squeeze of lemon juice

Fresh ginger (finely sliced)

3 carrots, peeled & sliced (we cut ours into batons)

1 courgette, cubed

sweet and sour chicken 1

  • Heat the oil in a hot pan and fry the chicken
  • I like to add a squeeze of lemon juice when they are nicely browned – as this acts as a tenderizer and keeps the chicken pieces moist
  • Add the carrots and cook for a further 5minutes
  • Mix the soya sauce, sweet chilli sauce and ginger together and add to the pan
  • add courgette pieces and cook for a further 5minutes (you still want the veggies to be slightly crunchy)
  • serve with rice (my preference)

sweet and sour chicken 2

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