Bookalokal dinner – part2: link to Orange Curried Roast Chicken recipe

Hakan (Turkish), Laurent (Belgian) and Evelyne (American) hosted a 3course dinner for bookalokal recently (read my first review of bookalokal here) and I was so pleased to introduce 2 of my friends to the Bookalokal concept – while HIM and I got to enjoy the experience again. Making new friends while enjoying food and wine in the comfort of someone elses home!

Their venue was wonderful and warm (especially with a REAL live fire roaring in the fireplace) and we sipped on Champagne and Creme de  Cassis while we got to know the other dinner guests. Laughing and chatting away – we moved across to the main dining area to start our feast.

The starter was Salmon Tartar with leafy greens (cucumber, pine nuts, herbs and mango vinaigrette) – delicious, even for HIM who doesn’t even like fish! (this was Hakan’s course)

bookalokal starter

Next up, was Evelyne’s speciality (her dad, the chef’s, recipe that she has adapted) – orange curried roast chicken, served with roasted potatoes and salad

bookalokal main - chicken

And finally, Laurent served up a deliciously creamy (and perfectly boozed up) Tiramisu

bookalokal dessert

If you want the Orange Curried roast Chicken recipe (which is a winner), you can find it on their website here.

If you are interested in the Bookalokal experience – have a look at their website and pick your favourite hosts


4 thoughts on “Bookalokal dinner – part2: link to Orange Curried Roast Chicken recipe

  1. Thanks for the glowing review – it was definitely one of my favorite dinners & the friends you brought were terrific! Looking forward to when I get out to try out one of your meals!

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