Drive away the cold with a spicy soup from the Thai Cafe

With messages of impeding snowfall and storms, I was still brave enough to venture out and head down to Thai Cafe on Chaussee de Waterloo! Obviously bribed with the thoughts of hot spicy thai food and good conversation with my friend 🙂

thai cafe table

The restaurant is in walking distance of my apartment (anything less than 15minutes is considered walking distance in my books)… and has a wonderful warm and enchanting interior (not to mention friendly staff) with a very thai influence (check out the bar to see what I mean :))

thai cafe interior

both of us opted for the Tom Yam Kai (spicy soup with chicken, coriander and lemongrass), served with a portion of rice and a small dish of glass noodles (or what I thought was glass noodles) – these, and I can honestly say, was the perfect choice for a cold, pre-snow and dark evening… and I would have licked the bowl if I could have! The Spiciness was perfectly balanced and the amount of chicken (and mushrooms) were definitely on the generous side.

thai cafe spicy soup

Would I go back again? Definitely!

Thai Cafe

address: Chaussee de Waterloo 412, Ixelles, 1050, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 538 3855



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