Death by chocolate and cake in Luxembourg

Sarah had taken her mum here before and brought back a few of the delicious hot chocolate (heart-stopping, thigh-coating) sticks…. and had promised to take us there on our recent trip to visit the Christmas Markets of Luxembourg.

choc house

We were tired and cold… and in desperate need of a pick me up… essentially a cup of tea and slice of cake would do 🙂 and I loved the cute-ness of their menu’s (don’t you??)

choc house menu

We all opted for tea (except for Sarah who decided that coffee was her choice of poison)

choc house tea

And decided to share 3 slices of cake between the 3 of us… especially after our gluhwein, German sausage and potato fritter lunch.

the chocolate cake was by far the favourite of the group… incorporating marzipan between the cake and the ganache covering. The middle slice was a combination of cheesecake and fruit compote in a tart casing and the slice on the right was an apple cake…

choc house cakes

The service was super fast and I think we were in and out within 40minutes… but in no way did we feel rushed!

Chocolate House

address: 20 rue Marché aux herbes, L-1728 LUXEMBOURG

telephone: +352 26 26 20 06

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 08h00-20h00, Saturday: 09h00-20h00 & Sunday: 10h00-20h00


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