Luxembourg and Trier Christmas Markets 2012

It’s official…. Christmas is on it’s way!!

There are 2 factors in Europe that give this away… (1) it starts to snow and (2) Christmas markets spring up all over Europe like forest mushrooms after the rain!

And what is now becoming a firm tradition (Last year was Aachen & Monschau) – we headed out on a road trip to explore 2 of them this past weekend! Luxembourg (Luxembourg) on Saturday followed by Trier (Germany) on the Sunday… and I have to give it to the Germans… they know how to organise a brilliant market, with decorated wooden huts and live Carols on concert (and lets not forget the more-ishly yummy potato fritters with apple sauce… but more on that to follow :))

Luxembourg markets were spread across the city and we managed to visit 2 of them before getting side tracked by the shops (and later by cake)… 

The food items on offer were deliciously tempting….

Waffles on a stick!

Waffles on a stick!

Lux christmas mkt 2

super size sweetie pies!

super size sweetie pies!

Lux christmas mkt 3

and of course – the obligatory glass of gluhwein was consumed:

steaming mug of happiness

steaming mug of happiness

along with the Luxembourg version of the potato fritter with apple sauce! yummy… but somewhat commercial.

lux potato frittes

The next day saw us heading into Trier in Germany, 40km outside of Luxembourg – which was not only Gorgeous (and cold), but also the oldest city in Germany!!

Here, we tested THEIR potato fritters with apple sauce which were WAY better…

Trier potato fritters

and also a plate of cooked potatoes and mushrooms (super duper YUM)

UBER delish

UBER delish

so if you haven’t planned it already – make the effort and get across to one of the many many Christmas markets across Europe!


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