Girls just wanna have…. sushi!!

yes, another week and another sushi spot!

After a somewhat disappointing sushi experience last week… I opted to take colleague and friends advice of trying out Côte Sushi… so we googled them online, found the store… rounded up another gal-friend… and off we went last night.

Firstly… I have to say that although I could have walked there – I had a few run-around chores to complete after work (cat food, etc etc) so I drove. BIG mistake…. I spent almost 30minutes driving around roundabouts (aka circles), up and down one way streets, avoiding pedestrians (and cyclists)… trying to find a parking spot… EVENTUALLY … about a split second before I was ready to abandon the car mid street – I decided that I would try another street and lo and behold… there was a parking space (thank you parking fairy!!)… It was however about 4blocks away… but the walk just improved my appetite 🙂

The Interior (along with their sushi) is fun and funky…

Flo, Manue and I were blown away by the gorgeous menu… with every piece of photographed sushi popping off the page and making you drool (I was so hungry – that I was tempted to lick the front cover!)

We ordered a Côte Mix (3 tuna sashimi, 3 salmon sashimi, 6 california rolls (avo & salmon), 4 nigiri (Salmon, prawn, tuna)

as well as a Côte Cali Maki (6 california rolls (avo & salmon), 6 avo & cheese maki, 6 salmon maki and 6 tuna maki)

Verdict… YUM… it was fresh, well made and perfectly sized!!

would I go again? not sure that I would drive there again… walk? yes… but more importantly is that they DELIVER!!! YIPPEE!! And now I have a copy of their menu (page 6 already has bite marks on it :))

Côte Sushi

address: 291A Avenue Albert, 1180 Uccle, Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 340 3240

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11h30-14h30, Monday – Sunday: 18h00-23h00


4 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have…. sushi!!

  1. What a great blog, Max!
    Just wish I was in Brussels still to get these kinds of tips. Every city needs a blog like this to help find new restaurants. I wish there was a blog like this in Bangkok as I love finding new places and reading reviews. Nice work 🙂

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