How did sushi becomes a staple in our diet?

The more sushi I eat in my life… the more I want to eat it! Especially when it is fresh and well made! And it seems to have become a staple choice in a lot of peoples diets, (except HIM… who refuses to try it and just doesn’t *get it* :))

I have a few favourite places in Brussels for ordering sushi and each one of them offers something uniquely different. From a truly traditional sushi experience at Rale-Bol or Mitsui, to fusion styled sushi offerings at Sushi Shop and Makisu. I also have a few favourites in Cape Town… and am dying to try Sawadee in Gardens, which Beauty blogger Lipglossismylife attests to having the worlds best sushi (and she should know!)

So while looking at the easy option of ordering sushi for delivery online the other day (see post), I opted to try out Yama Sushi… who were smart enough to load photo’s of each of their menu items on the site… thus making my life a lot easier in terms of ordering (as I am definitely *eat with my eyes* kind of gal… plus it meant that I landed up ordering far too much for just M and myself…)

our tv tray of sushi…. and some…

As *entree’s* – we got a portion of Gyoza (6pieces of Japanense chicken & vegetable ravioli) and Tempura:

Plus a selection of Nigiri (Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna) & Ebi (prawn)), Futomaki (Sake Ura (salmon, cucumber, omlette, pickles and mayo), Tempura (tempura prawn, cucumber and fish sauce) & New York (cheese, crab, salad and cucumber)) plus a portion of Philadelphia California rolls (cream cheese & salmon).

The Verdict? On the upside, the delivery was fast and efficient – and the gyoza & tempura were UBER delicious, plus the little containers with ginger and wasabi were practical AND cute. On the downside, there were moments when I was eating my sushi when I was not sure if I could identify what I was eating!?! There definitely wasn’t enough soya sauce provided and finally – although I have a big mouth – I struggled to eat the Futomaki which was just too big for one bite and made a mess if you tried to eat it in two bites!

Would I try them again? probably not… as there are so many different sushi places, this one just didn’t *blow me away* like my other favourites.

Yama Sushi

address: 223 Avenue Georges Henri, 1200 Woluwe Saint-Lambert BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 772 2098

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 11h30-15h00 & 17h30-22h30


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