Rise of the online food delivery services

I have seen numerous blogposts (and tweets) over the last couple of days regarding the increased interest in food delivery services… across the GLOBE!

The Eat.Art  blog recently discussed the merits of iTakeAway, a cell phone app that serves as a fast food delivery service – now a reality in Australia, offering an extensive range of restaurant and food choices at the push of a mobile button – for collection or delivery… the choice is yours!

While fellow Brussels based expat blogger, BestofBrussels did a whole article on new food websites and services on one of her foodie-friday posts, including Efarmz.be, Meal Queen and Reason2be. These particular sites focus on the convenience factors of having your fresh, (mostly organic) and locally sourced ingredients delivered to your frontdoor, helping you create the perfect home-cooked meal.

While living in South Africa, I confess to occasionally making use of Mr Delivery, whereby you can choose items off menu’s from local (and some well-known franchise) food spots (mostly what we would categorize as *fast or junk food* options) – but on the upside – they do also provide an additional service of *extra’s* at no additional delivery charge, these include drinks, chocolates, ice-creams, etc – plus essentials like milk, sugar and cigarettes. AND an even better bonus is that you can mix and choice from different service providers!! (so no more family fights of whether it is burgers OR pizza’s… now you can order both for one delivery!)

Living in Brussels – I have made use of the similar type of *online food ordering* system with Pizza.be which is tailored to your specific commune… don’t be fooled by the name – it does not ONLY offer Pizza delivery but other options (but in all fairness – there is a much higher proportion of options like pizza, sushi and oriental options than anything else – well, for my commune anyway!). One HUGE benefit of this site is that it is in English,  not to mention that it is easy to use, provides a detailed order confirmation via email (including the shops telephone number) and offers a wide variety of payment options (based on specific chosen resto).

One particular lazy Thursday night in (read: “wanted to watch Twilight part 1 with M on the couch, before going to see part2 in theatres on Saturday, and did not want to stand in the kitchen and even worse, was too lazy to walk out of the apartment to go and collect something”)… so we opted to make use of this offering… ordering an array of sushi from one particular spot – that showcased a picture of each item that was available for ordering, making it easy to decide on items *spoke* to my tummy :). I eat with my eyes first… don’t you?

this was our array of goodies:

The lazy or convenient choice? You decide!


4 thoughts on “Rise of the online food delivery services

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  2. These online food delivery services are being provided by so many restaurants but not all are good in providing a satisfactory service to the customers. Either they have food issues or sometimes timing issues. Still I love to order my favorite food online and to enjoy it at my home.

  3. I love that the online food delivery industry has taken off like it has. My life tends to get a little busy at times and without the convenience of the online delivery services, I would starve!!

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