Savouring Sausage and Bean casserole while considering whether to call an Exorcist or Electrician?

I woke up this (particular) morning at 5am (yes… I know I am somewhat *touched* to be awake at such a hideous hour… but it happens)… and decided to snuggle down under the duvet in bed and read my book… unfortunately for me, there seemed to be some very interesting electrical surges….

I switched my bedside lamp on… it didn’t work… so I assumed it was the lightbulb that had blown and switched on the overhead light… and then for the next hour, got to be the front row guest to a bizarre, yet slightly amusing light show! The bedside lamp would switch on and then the overhead light would dim… and vice versa…

It actually got the point where my cat went into *there is something in the house and I am scared* mode… which got me thinking…

Electrician or Exorcist?”

The good news is that I managed to run a hot bath which was enjoyed by candlelight (with just enough hot water).. and was very grateful to notice the Sibelga vans outside of my building when I left home around 7ish… and even MORE impressed when they responded to my tweet within 20minutes, confirming that there had been a problem on my street and that it had been rectified by 7.48am!


Which brings me to the point… when you are feeling a little anxious (or for that matter, scared)… isn’t it comfort food that really makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? In my case, I would probably be inclined to say that a warm plate of food in general makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… but then we all know that I love my food!

So dinner plans were already starting to take shape… SAUSAGE and BEAN casserole… doesn’t it sound like a PERFECT ending to a somewhat bizarre day?

Sausage & Bean Casserole

500ml Passatta

1 teaspoon sugar

mixed herbs

6 pork sausages

olive oil

tin of butter beans

Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Brown sausages in a large saucepan
  2. Drain and wash butter beans
  3. Add crushed garlic, olive oil, herbs, butter beans and passatta – bring to the boil and reduce liquid to half

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