Date Night at il Pasticcio

After a very busy week… I am normally exhausted on a Friday night… aren’t you?

And sometimes the last thing in the world that I want to do… is to cook dinner (I know! This is a shocking revelation that I might actually be human and not wonderwoman after all!!) – so when HIM suggested going to the restaurant where his ex-housemate is now working (as a chef)… I was jumping up and down saying *YES! YES! YES!*


HIM’s ex-housemate/colleague and still current friend, is working in the kitchen of Il Pasticcio… so this was our venue of choice!

The restaurant is just around the corner from Place Lux (and a few doorways away from the Australian wine shop *Crush*) – with a very relaxed and unassuming interior. We were greeted at the door and given a choice of tables… albeit the tables are close together, you never feel as if you are about to bumped … 🙂 and suddenly a complimentary drink was placed in front of us (and in front of all patrons).

2 Italian Stallion waiters & 3 uber attractive (sexy) waitresses – not a single table was overlooked, the service is impeccable (my first thought was that we were getting special treatment because we knew the chef but glancing around – I noticed that all other tables were showered the same amount of explanation, attention and smiles!)

impressively sized pepper grinder, eh??

We opted to share an anti-pasta plate as a starter… OMG… super delicious and I could have eaten this plate as my meal!!

sooo YUM

We took our time chatting and enjoying the whole experience & ambiance (it was date night of course) and never once felt rushed!

As suggested by JessinBelgium (via twitter) – I used the opportunity to increase my tasting levels and went for a trio of pasta’s (the top 3 pasta’s on their special/recommendations list – namely: 1. Casarecce con salsicce e melanzane (sausage, tomato & aubergine over fresh pasta); 2. Triangoli  ai 4 Formaggi (Triangle sprinach filled  pasta with a 4cheese sauce); Ravioli ai funghi Porcini (self-explanatory: porcini mushroom filled ravioli!))

the specials board

every mouthful more delicious than the next

As HIM is allergic to mushrooms… he only had 2 of the 3 pasta’s. We both enjoyed every mouthful…(but were too full to even consider a limoncello or a dessert… )

Would we go back? Absolutely…

Il Pasticcio

Address: 3 Rue Marie de Bourgogne, Ixelles, 1050 Brussels BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 512 6252



Opening hours: Monday-Friday lunchtimes & Wednesday/Friday nights


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