Cannelloni at the Cheesecake Cafe…

You have to admit that you thought *WTF?? Pasta at a Cheesecake Cafe??? What were you thinking?*

But the name of the place does not do justice to the interior nor the variety on the menu (and don’t even get me started on how reasonable the pricing is!) Now while you will never receive gourmet gastronomy here, you will receive generous portions and no-nonsense meals at affordable rates.

Plus, it is next door to UGC movie theatres at De Brouckere, making it an easy choice for a quick bite to eat before going in to watch the new Bond movie, SKYFALL. (Although I want to gush about how much I loved the new Bond movie, I will refrain from doing it on here – and rather tell you about our lunch beforehand…. but I will just mention that the reason why I loved the movie as much as I did is because it brings back the feelings of the original Sean Connery Bond movies… <3)

The interior decor is in Old English pub style – comfortable and cozy… with tables and booths across multiple floors – all mixed with a friendly atmosphere.

M and I opted for the spinach and ricotta filled cannelloni,

while HIM had a hamburger

All in all – nothing mind-blowing or taste bud exploding to describe, but good old wholesome food that filled our belly on a cold and rainy Thursday….

Would I go back again… probably.

Cheesecake Cafe

address: 8-10 Place de Brouckere, 1000 Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 209 2410

E-mail :


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