Noodle heaven at Kokuban

I love long weekends, don’t you? Particularly when the rest of the city is at work… and you don’t have to be!

Thursday was a holiday (All Saints Day)… and I decided to bridge the weekend and take Friday as a day off as well… booking a spa massage for the morning (ultimate bliss) and agreeing to meet M (who was on school break) and Mr Draper (who had the morning off) for lunch…

We originally had plans to go to Mr Draper’s local lunch hangout… where he has been boasting about 3Euro Stoemp lunches… Unfortunately (for them), they were closed and we landed up walking down Vleurgat towards Flagey… when Mr Draper suggested his ‘other’ favourite lunch spot… KOKUBAN

I love the basic decor… wooden tables, benches and stools… blackboards on the walls… already starting to give you a feel of *no nonsense* business… simple, concise but to the point!

Mr Draper suggested a portion of Gyoza ( 6 pieces of Japanese ravioli filled with veggies and chicken (6Euros))

Mr Draper informed us, that you need to pierce the ravioli part so that the soya sauce can soak in…. YUMMY

Mr Draper & I ordered the lunch special – Karaage Ramen (Ramen noodles in a chicken and soya broth with fried chicken pieces) served with a cup of *green* tea (which turned out to be Rooibos!!! can you believe it?? for 12Euro’s – normally the Ramen is 14Euros)


M went for the Gyudon (bowl of rice with minced beef and onions and their marinade (12Euros))

with a little side order of pickled ginger… mmmm

for every mouthful I ate (from the Gyoza to the Ramen) … I exclaimed *WOW* and more *WOW*… as I enjoyed every mouthful. It was tasty, succulent and I could have licked my bowl (twice)

Would I go back? Without a doubt… in fact, I am already looking at my diary and trying to work out when my next free day or dinner is, so that I can return! Definitely worth a visit – as a 5/5 tasting rating!


address: 53-55 Rue Vilain XIIII, 1000 Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 611 0622

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 12h00-14h00 & 19h00-22h00


2 thoughts on “Noodle heaven at Kokuban

  1. Hey you,
    Hi, you responded via Sam to my request for a gay writer for my CT book. Sorry for delay but been away plus couldn’t direct message you. Great blog by the way!!
    You can email me at Where are you based? I’m in London at the mo…
    I’m writing “The Brits’ Guide to Cape Town” and I’m looking for a gay person who knows the scene to pen a chapter on the gay scene – male and female. (as I am a rampant hetero but think it would be ridiculous not to mention it. Third biggest gay city in the world etc).

    regards Paul
    PS here’s my footie blog:

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