In my own episode of *Friends* at Cafe de la Presse

Do you remember the tv program *Friends*? (well, of course you do)….Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross and Monica (and occasionally Phoebe) all settle on the orange couch at least once in every episode in their local coffee shop called Central Perk.

Well, Cafe de la Press seems to have it’s very own charm, clearly reminiscent of the style of North American coffee shops and a distinct *central perk* feeling, with tables and mis-matched chairs interspersed with couches and comfy chairs. (Not to mention the occasional rendition of *smelly cat*… by local artists… ok, I lie about the *smelly cat* song, but they do regularly host performing artists who sing and provide a little music to bring some sunshine to the Belgian rainy days)

Their array of salads, sandwiches and cakes (for eat in or take away) are deliciously tempting and even though we had just popped in for a cup of coffee…

yummy salads…

ooh – and the cake/muffin/sweet counter was calling my name….

we couldn’t resist ordering an apple and cinnamon muffin along with a chocolate cake slice to enjoy with our cuppa’s.

My tray… although I did share the muffin with M

HIM’s tray

Would I go back? yes 🙂 Particularly for their sunday brunch option …. more on that to follow in the gloomy winter months ahead!

Cafe de la Presse

address: 493 Avenue Louise, Ixelles, 1050 Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 6444 803

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 07h30-19h00, Saturday-Sunday: 08h30-19h00


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