The lazy man’s guide to home baked croissants

I love baking… I love cooking… I love eating…

but sometimes, just sometimes… you feel lazy and you want the cheats way out (not always… just sometimes :))

so when I saw these in the local Carrefour… I was like *huh? that looks interesting!*, so they made their way into my trolley and into my fridge… until one Sunday morning – where I decided it was time to let them out 🙂

You start by pulling the corner of the label until

BAM – the tin cracks open in the centre…

you then pull the dough out and unroll

Cut the dough in the pre-marked area’s

And roll

Brush with milk and Bake for 15-20minutes at 200C


would I make them again? Only because of the novelty…. they aren’t as buttery as the traditional version… but it is fun to do!


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