Greek Tapas

This isn’t my first visit to Nea Geniaand nor will it be my last visit…

In terms of greek tapas, they provide a wide variety and fair-sized portions versus the price (although to be honest, I do feel that 7Euros for a dessert is a little on the high side!)

6 of us braved the icy cold (after a few days of mid-week glorious sunshine and temperatures in the 20’s… to a now very Brrr 2 degree’s)… and due to Mr Draper’s smarts, had booked a table via the Resto booking site ( ) for this very popular restaurant.

courtesy of their website

The Tables are close together, and the noise inside is loud but very bearable (and in all fairness – as a group of 6people, we definitely contributed to the sound) – but the place is packed, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu and we landed up ordering a whole array of tapas to share (along with 3x 500ml bottles of housewine… now before you judge… we ordered them one at time and just kept needing refills :))

We ordered 2 portions of Tzatziki along with 2 Greek Salads (check out how much feta that is!)

Tzatziki & Greek Salad

2 portions of fried Halloumi (this is one portion = 2 pieces):

2 portions of *Greek* frites:

2 portions of Lamb Kofta’s:

2 portions of deep-fried calamari (tubes and the little tentacles):

this was all served with bread and complimentary olives… (each of the plates pictures above reflect ONE portion)

and finally – a few (not me… but we all know I mean HIM) ordered dessert… A Greek cake with nuts and honey…

would I go back? Most definitely….

Nea Genia

Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 437, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels – BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 344 5876

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday evenings


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