Portuguese bakery… they know CAKES!

As already mentioned in previous posts… HIM is Portuguese… and has the sweetest tooth out of anyone that I have ever encountered (SERIOUSLY… I have seen him eat three LARGE slices of cake after a plate of BBQ and not been sick!)

And he loves a local Portuguese bakery in Brussels called Confeitaria/Boulangerie Garcia – so when his upcoming birthday party luncheon was on the cards, we just KNEW that we had to order a cake from them…

THE cake šŸ™‚

So one very cold Saturday morning (and let me tell you 2.5degrees Celcius is very cold… especially after a week of 22-23degree weather!)… we walked into the Boulangerie GarciaBakery and placed THE order for the cake (this was while I was drooling over their rice cakes (not what you think) and pastel de nata’s!). Now it needs to be said that the cake was collected the following day by friends of ours and it was DIVINE!! So light and fresh and tasty….

And then – as we were both in serious need of a cup of coffee (and something to eat), we grabbed a table at their little cafe…. Confeitaria Garcia

how cute is it inside???

although we didn’t indulge in any particular Portuguese cuisine, I stared longingly at their display case… and finally settled on a toasted cheese and ham sandwich (croque monsieur) while HIM had a cheese and ham filled croissant.

Service was quick and efficient and the food was deliciously tasty and filling… and the place was PACKED! It was like taking a plane to Lisbon, because all I heard around me was Portuguese!!

Would I go back? YES YES YES!

ConfeitariaĀ / BoulangerieĀ GARCIA

Address: Av. de la Couronne 75, 1050 Brussels BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 640 7956


Opening hours: Thursday-Monday: 07h30-18h00 Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays


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